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Harold Covington presents a new edition of Radio Free Northwest and begins by asking ‘Just how do you vet an illiterate goat herder from Yemen?’ The courts have always been the bastion of last resort for the Left and sure enough, they are trying to hold things up for him legally. Trump needs to learn how to massage the state apparatus, rather than just giving it the finger., but ordering the FBI to produce weekly immigrant crime reports is a masterstroke and will be a huge wake up call to normies. Trump news is going to keep us all busy over the next few months, but the character issue will eventually occur. Will he have the courage to set up his own organised armed and disciplined militia? Because he could soon well need one.

Gretchen reviews Eurasian Mission by Alexander Dugin this week. Eurasianism is basically a rejection of the western liberal status quo. Even though it is Russian-centric, it is still relevant to us as the goal of Eurasianism is to preserve traditional culture against the global oligarchy. Dugin would like to see the world divided into autonomous sections, containing countries with a large degree of self governance, but based on geography rather than on ethnicity. America is the only country that was born liberal and because of this, it lacks identity. He offers 3 ways to remedy this, reclaim European identity through reading Heidegger, develop a sense of religion and become rooted to the sky or finally, experience a near death experience and then reflect upon mortality.

Dugin supports various Nationalist groups and is very excited about Far Right parties in Europe possibly gaining power. He criticizes White Nationalists for being too tolerant of immigration and says we must decide whether we stand for Traditionalism or Liberalism. Gretchen thinks he has a streak of post-Marxist thought in his writings, blaming Whites for Liberalism and claiming nations were created by the state. He approves of religion, but does not tell anyone what religion to practice. He appears to have some sympathies with Islamists, but they tend to be universalist and want a global caliphate, which contradicts the rest of what he says. Gretchen thinks the book is quite promising, especially in it’s critique of American society, but it can be hippy dippy in parts.

After this we get to hear a positive message from Comrade Bill in Spokane who thinks young people are talking about identity because the only way to rebel now, is to become a fascist or a White Nationalist. The overton window has shifted and there is a worldwide movement starting to wake up to the facts about race. We have some very polished videos and articulate spokesmen now, as well as the old recordings of Pierce and Rockwell and he thinks the time may come, when those heroes of the past are looked upon by all in that light.

As well as that, we get lots of listener produced content and a lengthy review of Harold’s written works.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Eurasian Mission – RFN 020217

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