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Radio Free Northwest: Look Before You Leap – RFN 022317


Harold Covington brings us a new episode of Radio Free Northwest and begins by explaining why it is essential to make a scouting trip to the Northwest first, before moving there. It is important to find out everything you can before going, so you have already formed the questions that will need answering when you get there. Whatever your trade is will determine where best will suit you, but North Idaho and Spokane already have the beginnings of all-White active communities and Quarter Lane is a good place for families. You should have at least 3 areas to look at when you take your scouting trip and you should already have an idea of what jobs you will be looking for.

Gretchen reviews The Love of Destiny – The Sacred and the Profane in Germanic Polytheism by Dan McCoy this week. McCoy goes into the history of the Jews and the Greeks and how they came to monism, before discussing Plato and Aristotle’s ideas about the world. After that we get to Descartes and Francis Bacon and how they wanted to use science to enslave nature. This all helps with defining the differences between polytheism and monism. Polytheism is cyclic rather than linear and the concept of the individual is similar to a weather pattern, it comes into form and then disappears, whereas the individual is far more distinct in monism. To the polytheist variation is always sacred, but to the monist some things will always be profane. Gretchen found this a good book for explaining the philosophy behind Germanic paganism.

After that we get some more weird Aryan history, this week looking at Don Carlo Gesualdo who was a composer of madrigals in the 16th century. His music was so avant-garde, that many thought he was insane. He discovered his wife was having an affair and disemboweled both her and her suitor. He then suspected his son of not being his own and killed him too, before looking for the other one to kill. Having caught his wife in the act, he was legally entitled to carry out this massacre and allowed to go free. He then married again 4 years later and history repeated itself, but this time he was more restrained and just slit the man’s throat before locking his wife up in the castle. All the killings would eventually gave him constipation and he died in the same way that Elvis did, of too much waste matter in his bloodstream.

A Mike Harris interview with Harold finished off the podcast, where he takes some callers and discusses Canada’s immigration problem before asking whether America may also need a wall to keep the new Canadian citizens out?

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Look Before You Leap – RFN 022317

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