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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Radio Free Northwest: Soft Hands


Harold Covington presents a new episode of Radio Free Northwest and begins by reminding listeners that if we ever get cut off from the net and do not have offline addresses for people, then our movement could be decimated. Harold needs a postal address for members of the NWF so that if this ever happens, there is a back-up plan. He also wants people to help with finding sites that will not have a problem with producing and selling NWF merchandising.

The Trucker calls in from the Oregon trail to remind people of how we used to travel all that way by horse and wagon, but we can now do it all in 5 days with a car. People used to end up dropping all the heavy items off along the way, whereas we can now sell them before we leave and then replace them at the other end. This is not the best time of year to move, as some regions are unpassable, but scouting trips are ok all year round as you can take a bus, plane or train.

Gretchen reviews Alex Dugin’s ‘Putin on Putin’ this week and has realised after looking at lots of his work, that everything he does relates to his Eurasian mission. This book focuses on Putin’s leadership role in Russia, which fluctuates between patriotism and appeasing the Liberals in the higher echelons of Russian society. The 12 labours of Putin contain things like reconciliation with the former USSR countries and reconciliation with America, but Dugin worries that he has become bogged down in these tasks, when he should be fulfilling Russia’s role as leader of the Orthodox Christian world.

Putin has a destiny, but it stems from fate rather than from himself. Gretchen thinks the book has some very good definitions of things like Liberalism and is a good insight into Russian thinking.

After that we get another clip from the Mike Harris interview with Harold, talking about the media portrayal of the riots and insurrection against Donald Trump. He has really broken the power of the media, the world now knows that they literally just make up the news, but Harold is not very impressed with Steve Bannon the ex-Breitbart editor. Bannon used to be a Goldman Sachs banker, which is to be expected as Trump will fill his cabinet with people like himself, but we should not be expecting any help to be forthcoming from him. He has ‘soft hands’ in other words.

The Israel issue is also covered and Trump’s apparent fondness for the Jews. In the past, Jews would bail White aristocrats out, but would then insist that they were able to marry the daughter. This is a technique of theirs that goes back thousands of years and could bear some relevance to Ivanka’s marriage. Trump has already said that he will move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and his daughter and her husband will be living in the White House with him. As much as there is that we like about the president, this Jewish connection is troubling.

Presented by Harold Convington

Radio Free Northwest: Soft Hands – RFN 021617

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