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SS Britannia: Big Sister and the Feminist Deception


Sven Longshanks and Subal tackle feminism for this week’s episode of SS Britannia, but first off is a brief discussion on the latest Trump news, looking at his very fake news conference and recent Florida rally. After that we hear about a modern day police hero, who has fought against the establishment to expose Ted Heath as a definite paedophile. Heath was the Prime Minister who took Britain into the EU, so it is very fitting that as the country now leaves the EU, one of it’s main architects is shown to be a literal devil in human form.

Feminism has been absolute poison to our race, it has set wives against their husbands and daughters against their fathers. Women have one thing which they can do which men cannot, yet instead of capitalising on this unique and fulfilling talent, women have been told they should be competing with men in the careers that men excel at. Men and women have many opposite preferences which has led to men having to make compromises in these areas instead of each sex using their preferences to their highest ability.

Men wish to compete to encourage the best, whereas women would rather compromise and conspire together. If these female characteristics are not restrained by men, they will eventually make their way up to the national level, where instead of seeing sovereign nations being self sufficient, we now see supranational organisations such as the UN, the EU and the New World Order. This is not Big Brother, this is Big Sister. Lack of secrecy, avoidance of risk, the consuming of wealth, the displaying of emotion and the welcoming of foreigners into our countries are all female traits which serve them well at the individual level in a relationship, but which are devastating once they are being implemented by government.

Women will always make creating a safe space for women their top priority, this is unavoidable as they are weaker than men and their instincts will always be to avoid situations where this weakness may get them into trouble. In the work place they provide a distraction as men will always be competing for sexual favours from them, whether they get any or not and this has also halved the amount of money there was to go around on wages and deprived children from being brought up by their mother. Instead of feeling loyalty to their primary identity which is race and nation including both men and women, today’s modern female is taught instead to have solidarity with females from the races competing against us.

All of this could only have happened if men allowed it to happen, men are the stronger gender after all and men could still turn the ship around and avoid the iceberg. Jews were the ones who introduced feminism to White nations, but it was still White men who fell for it and allowed their women to vote and to go out to work, instead of staying at home to do what they naturally do best, home making and child rearing.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Subal

SS Britannia: Big Sister and the Feminist Deception – SS 022017


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