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SS Britannia: Free Speech is Fundamental


Sven Longshanks and Subal present a new episode of SS Britannia, starting with the now obligatory Trump update, which this week focuses on the reaction to his Moslem ban. Because of his campaign promise to do this, preventing security risks from entering America has been portrayed as discriminating against Moslems and the courts have put a stop to it. This is a pattern that will probably repeat itself a lot over the next four years, Trump makes an order and the courts try to find any way they can to avoid implementing it. The law has not just been turned into a weapon against White people, it has been turned into a weapon against the legitimately elected president of the United States.

Germany had a problem with security risks as well, only these were inside the country. In Adolf Eichman’s just released memoirs, he makes it clear that the only Jews to be put into camps were ones that had declared war on Germany, through their mouthpiece in Britain. The same has happened in America, Moslems in Iraq, Syria, Libya and elsewhere have declared war on America, yet when Trump tries to ban them from entering America to start waging that war, the corrupt establishment tries to stand in his way!

In Britain the Jews have started taking out private prosecutions when the courts fail to do their bidding and find political dissidents innocent. Jez Turner is the latest to fall foul of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, a supposed charity that hunts critics down and tries to bankrupt them if the courts wont jail them. The CAA are furious that Jez was not imprisoned for his anti-Shomrim speech and now they are going after a man who the Crown Prosecution Service have already admitted did nothing wrong. These ‘charities’ are the attack dogs of the Jews, they set them onto anyone who says anything they dont like to try and silence them but there are ways they can be stopped. If they have been investigating you then they have been targeting you for harassment and there are a number of ways this can be proved and Subal lists some of them.

The right to speak what you see and hear, is fundamental to being human. If you cannot say it how you see it, then your most basic of all freedoms has been taken away from you and this can be argued in a court of law in front of a jury, if you refuse to plead guilty. The British people think there are no political prisoners in the UK and if they were to hear that there are in court, then the chances are you would not be found guilty. It all comes down to how your argument is put and we should be paying more attention to how the law works, if we want to beat them at this.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Subal

SS Britannia: Free Speech is Fundamental – SS 020617

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  1. It's NOT falling apart! It's a dance. The degenerate caustic kikestablishment is fighting to the death to get back and retain it's deception-control of the people. The problem that they have is obviously too many people know their habituated scam now and that number keeps growing. Keep red-pilling!

  2. Some while ago, Sven said he was trying something new to improve sound quality. It seems to have worked. Much less crackling and sounds now.

  3. Emma West became a guinea pig for the use of soviet style psychological experiments to control dissent in a 'mental health treatment' by state psychiatrists lasting for a year using psychoactive drugs to successfully destroy and remake her personality. Emma's statue will possibly replace that of Nelson Mandela in a free future Britain.

    1. I thought they had kept her locked up for ages and then just gave her a small sentence, that explains it. It is like something out of clockwork orange. Check out today's Daily Trad for some good new on a current POW.

  4. Well done to The London Forum for inviting Ole Dammegard.

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