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The Daily Traditionalist: Blacks Over There and Whites Over Here – DT 022317

Matthew Heimbach is joined by Sven Longshanks to discuss the latest news on both sides of the pond. The University of Michigan is demanding there be a ‘safe space’ for Blacks, where no Whites are to be allowed and the Black students can plot how best to disrupt society and force America into carrying out their social justice agenda. This comes on top of the university building a new ten million dollar centre for Black students. You can just imagine what the reaction would be if White students were to ask for an area where no Blacks were allowed, the students would be arrested for hate crimes and have their careers ruined for life. Nothing will ever be good enough for the Negroes,

Whitey will never be able to satisfy their greed and giving them anything at all, just encourages them to commit even more violence and intimidation to get even more. Blacks are now so used to being rewarded when they commit violence and smash things, that they will now openly attack White police officers and then demand that the police do not defend themselves. A White off-duty police officer in his own home in LA was goaded so much by Black youths on his lawn that he had to draw his gun on them. This has predictably caused a mini-riot among the Black community, as the idea of being held responsible for their own actions is entirely alien to them. All of this proves that the only solution to our racial problems is to separate. The Blacks want Black police, Black teachers and Black politicians, so why not give them all that in their own autonomous Black state run by the Nation of Islam?

You cannot teach non-Whites to be Whites, they will always revert back to type and it is pointless to even try. The latest ‘British’ Moslem suicide bomber in the news began life identifying as a Christian, went to a modern school in London and was taught ‘British’ values yet as soon as he became an adult he converted to Islam and eventually blew himself up in Mosul. This particular Moslem also spent some time in Guantanamo Bay and was even paid a million pounds by the British government for mistreatment in prison, after Tony Blair successfully had him freed. Even a million pounds was not enough to turn him into a civilised human being though, because the only certain way to prevent Islamic terrorism and Black on White crime in our countries is to remove all the non-Whites to an area that is exclusively their own and has no White people living anywhere near it.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Blacks Over There and Whites Over Here – DT 022317


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