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The Daily Traditionalist: Cannibal Heart Surgeons

Matthew Heimbach is joined by Jason Augustus for the first Daily Traditionalist of the week and they begin by highlighting the plight of Sweden and the rest of Europe, where rapes, violent crimes, and terrorism have gone through the roof thanks to the invasion agenda. Donald Trump has drawn attention to this unarguable fact, yet still the politicians from Sweden are claiming that everything is fine and the low IQ savages are needed in order to pay the pensions of the elderly Swedes.

The usual claim that the immigrants are heart surgeons and rocket scientists has been trotted out and Jason reminds us that we have our own White kids that want to be scientists and surgeons, but they cannot even go to a university without being in debt for the rest of their lives. If the immigrants really were doctors, then are they not needed in their own countries? If they are claiming to be refugees, then why are they not claiming asylum in the nearest safe country in Africa or Arabia? Why do they have to ‘flee’ all the way to Europe or America?

The insane amount of rape in Africa is even higher than we think due to their lack of record keeping, yet even with that it is still the worst in the world, with Sweden now coming a close second. Wherever Negroes go they turn the place into Negroland, how long will it be before we start seeing naked cannibals calling themselves General Butt-Naked in Sweden? These people are not heart surgeons, in fact they eat children’s hearts for breakfast. 

For a contrast to the usual behaviour we associate with Blacks, Matt has been watching speeches from the Nation of Islam’s big get together this weekend, where their leader was identifying the Jew as the source of all their problems. They are funding Blacks to go to Cuba to study, they are buying farm land for homogenous Black communities and many other similar things to what we would like to do for Whites. Jason wonders how many Antifa showed up at the Nation of Islam conference to protest them, since they were calling for the same things that we are. There is a huge double standard which can be demonstrated here, to prove that the Left are nothing but anti-White terrorists.

John McCain has crawled out of the woodwork to call Trump a dictator for criticising the lying media and Matt finishes the podcast by asking just what the Jews have on him to be making him do this? All the Republican traitors now seem to be falling in line to attack Trump, when really they should all be praising him for getting their party elected. The links between the media, the oligarchs and certain members of the GOP really could not be any clearer.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: Cannibal Heart Surgeons – DT 022017


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