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The Daily Traditionalist: Criminal Immigrants on Campus – DT 022417


Matthew Heimbach is joined by TWP Head of Human Resources Miles Blythe for the final Daily Traditionalist of the week and first off they draw attention to Alt-Right Andy’s channel and thank him for all the work he does to support the Alt-Right podcast community. After that we hear about a race and ethnicity class that Miles attended at college that was promoting illegal immigration and even had illegal immigrants in the class, claiming that they were not criminals. The Mestizo girl who did this, just announced to the class that she was there illegally, expecting everyone to pat her on the back and celebrate her criminality. The law is that it is illegal for aliens to break into the Unites States and the two options are to then either deport them or jail them, but these law-breaking wetbacks seem to think the law doesn’t apply to them while at the same time, they think the American constitution still protects them.

Illegal immigrants have kept the wages in America far below the level they should be at and although the price of lettuce would go up if they were not there, the cost to the tax payer in subsidising their health, education and everything else is phenomenal. On top of that, all the money they do earn goes straight over the border into Mexico to keep their own economy going. Even periphery costs such as insurance are increased due to their presence and they certainly aren’t going to be paying any premiums. Whether it is on White citizens or Black, illegal immigration has a taken a huge toll on America.

After discussing immigration, Matt moves on to more campus news where posters supporting White people’s right to exist are popping up all over the country. This has been such a shock to the special snowflakes that the FBI have even been called in to investigate these mini outbreaks of nationalism on the posting boards. Having hurt feelings does not make you the victim of a crime and how can saying White people have a right to exist be seen as offensive by anyone anyway? Stickers and posters are a great way to trigger Leftists and get our message mentioned in the local media and Miles believes we have more support in the colleges than the ‘fake news’ would have us believe.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Miles Blythe

The Daily Traditionalist: Criminal Immigrants on Campus – DT 022417


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