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The Daily Traditionalist: The Diversity Puppet Show – DT 022717


Sven Longshanks and Matt Parrott co-host the first Daily Traditionalist of the week and they begin by discussing the trend for giving awards to Negroes simply for being Negroes. At the Oscars last night and at this year’s Brits, the organisers were keen to let everyone know that they were replacing a large percentage of White people with Black, not because the Blacks had created anything extra special, but simply so they would not be accused of being racist. Five awards out of thirty two went to non-Whites at the Oscars and five out of sixteen at the Brits. Any White man who was being awarded simply because he was White would feel humiliated, but the minorities have no qualms about this sort of thing and even demand more of it.

Parrott points out that if you look at the credits for the Black movie that won the award, you will find White people and Jews involved in the background. Thanks to the drive for diversity in everything, this is now becoming common everywhere. Minorities are not capable of doing the high-powered tasks that White people are, yet companies need to have minorities out front for people to see so that they are not accused of being racist. This has led to what is called the diversity puppet show, where the real content creators are White and hidden in the background, while the Black puppets out the front just read from a script and bask in the glory. The ultimate example of this would have to be Obama, whose main talent lifting him about the rest of his co-ethnics was his ability to read and speak at the same time.

The push to include minorities in everything, even positions that require a high IQ will inevitably lead to the collapse of civilisation, especially now they have started including the mentally disabled under the definition of diversity. How long will it be until we see a down’s syndrome police officer or an autistic Prime Minister?

None of this is escaping the attention of the public and politics is becoming increasingly divided along ethnic lines, with Whites supporting Trump in America and non-Whites supporting Labour in Britain. Nobody is going to go and see the new Black homosexual movie and none of the non-Whites who were given Brit awards will even be remembered in 5 years time, but the White people involved in those projects will still be working in the background, on the next Diversity Puppet Show to be promoted by the Jews. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: The Diversity Puppet Show – DT 022717


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