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The Daily Traditionalist: Dynamiting the Synagogue


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Jason Augustus for Friday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to discuss all the latest news affecting White people. Matt starts by explaining how the Jewish bankers syphon the wealth out of our communities while never producing anything of any worth themselves. Our leadership has been co-opted by foreigners and traitors who have no sense of responsibility to our nations. Our aristocracy used to have a sense of noblesse oblige towards the lower levels of the hierarchy, but this is now only extended to the minorities and only because it can be used to marginalise working Whites. When you have an ethnically homogenous country, every member of the nation is a part of your extended family and it is not possible to avoid your duty to the rest of society.

A homeless man has announced that he is going to dog-sled all the way to California and this has made Matt wonder if the reason for this could be because he feels alienated from society and is looking for a zany quest to fill that space. Europeans will always reach for something more and when that cannot be expressed through serving their people, a desire to be the first to do something can take it’s place. We have to have something to do, even when we are homeless and surely this is better than giving in to drink and drugs.

A court case in Georgia has started against CNN for defaming a hospital and this could lead to a positive improvement to America’s libel laws, making it a lot easier to hold the fake news media accountable. This could mean the lies against the pro-White movement would have to stop, as it would cost them money for every time they slander one of us and get the story wrong and Buzzfeed, MTV and CNN could all end up being sued by the TWP. However Jason cautions that it might just end up with Jew lawyers taking on the Jew media, rather than the public shutting their dirty lying mouths for them.

The Pikeville rally is continuing to make headlines and the protest group against it have really gone for gold by getting a top holohoaxer to be their keynote speaker on the day. Mr Rosenberg, professional hoaxer and civil rights lawyer, claims that the SA stole all the books out of his synagogue, set fire to them and then dynamited the building on Kristallnacht. There is no evidence for this ever happening and one clear reason for this is that the SA were a civil organisation and never had any access to dynamite. He also claims he was sent to a Dutch internment camp in 1938, a country which was at peace until 1939. He then claims he got on the last boat from there in 1939 and therefore survived the holocaust. Matt thinks he just left for America after Kristallnacht and has made a lucrative living from telling Jewish fables ever since, but if anyone can prove there were any synagogues blown up or internment camps in Holland before the Germans took over, then please prove us wrong. 

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: Dynamiting the Synagogue – DT 021717

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