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The Daily Traditionalist: French Riots and Fireworks


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to talk about the rising movement to the Right in Europe. Marine Le Pen has surprised everyone by stating that she wants to prevent French citizens from holding dual-citizenship, which means Jews will not be able to be dual-citizens with Israel. She also wants them to stop wearing their yarmulkes, but in order to do this, she has also said she wants to remove crucifixes. Because of political correctness, the politicians are too frightened to single out a Semitic problem group and always end up adding Whites to the policy as well, to avoid being called racist.

The same thing happens in Britain, the Prevent program was supposed to be a strategy for dealing with Islamic terrorism, but that would be racist so they have to be seen to be targeting Whites as well, despite the fact there has been no Nationalist terrorism in Britain. The authorities were so desperate to find some White terrorism that they tried to fit a 17 year old patriot up, by claiming that he was trying to create a pipe bomb, when all the contraption turned out to be was a home-made firework. The young lad was thankfully freed by the jury and managed to walk away with no jail time.

The public can see what is happening to our countries and they know that the only solution is Nationalism. Even Nigel Farage is pointing out that 80% of Europe are further to the Right than the positions of either he or Trump. Five suburbs in France are currently in flames due to the invaders and yet still the authorities would rather go after White people for voicing their frustration online. Negroes in Black Lies Matter are free to call for the genocide of Whites and to say we are sub-humans, yet Marine Le Pen gets attacked simply for saying Jews should either be loyal to France or to Israel.

Matt and Sven discuss the double standards for White people when compared to minorities, before finally bringing up the recent case of a comrade who was attacked by Antifa, who now needs legal help because he dared to defend himself against them. You can help help Andrew K from United Riot Records with his legal fund here.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: French Riots and Fireworks – DT 021417


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  1. The kikestablishment knows that their gig is up again. "never again" segues to "Necessarily Again"!