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The Daily Traditionalist: Heritage, Culture and Blood – DT 022817


Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus co-host the Tuesday edition of The Daily Traditionalist and they start by discussing the interview that Matt did yesterday with a Black Lives Matter supporting student. Her line of questioning was very much based on stereotypes such as White Privilege, which are very easy to break down once you bring up the statistics behind things such as Jewish privilege. She seemed unprepared for meeting a real White Nationalist and had fallen for all the media lies about us wanting to exterminate all Negroes and Meskins, so she was surprised to hear that all we want to do is to peacefully preserve our heritage, culture and blood.

The Man in the High Castle comes up again and why it is that the Japanese are portrayed as being far better than the Germans in this. During the pacific theatre America was really gung-ho about attacking the Japanese, yet in today’s Hollywood versions they are always portrayed as being really sympathetic to them. The Germans are described as wanting to overthrow and kill everything and the Japanese are shown as being more spiritually in tune, while the Germans are atheists and ban the Bible. Having pride in your nation and wanting to serve your country is made out to be a terrible thing and the only normal man on television is the chief nazi in the series. One thing they have got right is the resistance, who are very much like today’s Antifa, they have no idea what they are actually fighting for, they have just been told that it is right.

In other movie news, we learn that the new Lord of the Rings will have Negroes in it and Tolkien is being called a racist, for having White heroes and enemies with slanted eyes. This has come from a Jew of course and is not something any White man thought up. Everything on tv now has to have feminists, Negroes and homosexuals as the heroes and the enemy always has to be White and most of the time also British. White people are portrayed as brutal psychopaths in The Walking Dead and if they are not, then they will always have some flawed character issue in the closet. In the Soviet Union if you were religious, they would classify you as anti-social and we are now seeing the same happen in America, for if you are White.

To finish the podcast Matt covers the recent jailing for decades of an armed White couple who said the ‘n’ word while a mob of Blacks pelted them with stones. More has been said on this subject in a recent TWP video, but here Jason also adds his thoughts on this travesty of justice.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: Heritage, Culture and Blood – DT 022817


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