The Daily Traditionalist: In Memory of Dresden


Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks present the first Daily Traditionalist of the week and they start with some good news about a political prisoner. Lawrence Burns is receiving so much mail from Radio Aryan listeners that a special code needs to be added to the address ‘RX005/17’. His solicitor has also said that anything ‘overtly political’ will not get through and this is an open admission that Britain does in fact have political prisoners.

Today is the anniversary of the firebombing of Dresden, where the British and American air force turned a city full of refugees, civilians and injured persons into a raging inferno. The official figures are much less than the real numbers of dead recorded by the people who cleared the bodies away and nobody really knew this until David Irving publicised them. The accusation is sometimes made that the military should have refused to carry out the orders to do this, but in order to have an efficient military you have to obey orders, no matter what. The fault for this crime lies at the feet of Churchill, who was indebted to the Jews for saving him from bankruptcy and carried out their instruction. As soon as the British people were given a choice, they voted Churchill out of office.

After discussing Dresden, Matt describes how Germans were recently shamed by hearing the first verse of their original national anthem at a recent tennis match. The lyrics spoke of how wonderful Germany was and as we know, it is forbidden for any White country to think of themselves in a positive light. The Chinese can, they have recently had a whole week of celebrating Chinese supremacy, Chinese colonialism and Chinese expansionism and they have a healthy belief in their own superiority. There is nothing wrong in this, all nations should believe that their own nation is the best, it guarantees that they will then strive to be the best. Instead of thinking of gas chambers and soap, the Germans should be thinking of all their great achievements and instead of having a holohoax day, they should have a day when they remember the victims of Dresden.

You can write to Lawrence Burns here, please remember not to be ‘overtly political’ as the prison officers will keep them from him if they are.

Laurence Burns A1796DX
HMP Peterborough

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: In Memory of Dresden – DT 021317

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