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The Daily Traditionalist: The Inorganic Nature of Western Civilisation


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson for the second Daily Traditionalist of the week and they start by talking about the inorganic nature of western civilisation. Everything moves so much faster today, from our travelling speeds to our tasks of labour, everything is taking a much higher toll on us physically. This is all down to the economy driven system that we live under, where the goal is not to improve the lives of the citizens, but instead to make as much money as possible for the oligarchs.

Although Donald Trump is a huge improvement on what has gone before, he is not the solution to our problems, at best he will just stave off the inevitable for a few years. The bureaucracy is rebelling against him and have already taken out one of his most loyal staff members. He has no way to respond to these attacks against him as he has no unified movement behind him and we may all do what we do for the 14 words, but we have no organisational structure behind us to offer any help. If all the mechanisms of state are refusing to function for him, then who does he have to enforce the changes we need him to make?

Moving on to the degenerate pervert Milo, it has been revealed that he tried to normalise pederasty on one of his podcasts and has now lost his book deal and his celebrity conservative status. Sexual access to children is something homosexuals have been pushing for behind the scenes for a long time and now this has been exposed for all to see. Milo was never a part of the Alt-Right, but it looks like his goose has now been cooked with the Alt-Lite as well and the only place he can go is back where he belongs with the other sodomites.

The last part of the podcast moves back to Trump again and how he is being pressured by the Jews to do something about anti-Semitism due to a hundred Jewish graves being damaged. Matt thinks this vandalism may well have been done by the Jews themselves, since this is not the sort of thing that any Nationalist would do. Jews need things like this to happen, so they can then use it to gain sympathy for laws to curtail free speech. They have been caught so many times manufacturing ‘anti-Semitic’ crimes against their own property, even the holocaust had hardly been heard of until the seventies, when a Jewish ‘nazi’ arranged for holohoaxers to be harassed. Being destructive to a cemetery or making bomb threats to synagogues is only ever carried out by patsies or the mentally ill as all it does is help the enemy.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: The Inorganic Nature of Western Civilisation – DT 022117

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