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The Daily Traditionalist: Mandingoes in Spandex


Matthew Heimbach is back to present the first Daily Traditionalist of the week and he is joined by Matt Parrott. First off they discuss the Nationalist Front event coming up in April, which will be a weekend of training for activism, live music, speeches and all sorts of pro-White activities about giving back to the community. The idea for this comes from studying the way Golden Dawn have achieved what they have, they get involved in any way they can where people need them, as well as being a political voice for them. This strategy cannot fail, as even if you don’t get anywhere politically, you have still helped your people. It will be held in Eastern Kentucky at the end of April and all are invited. The Nationalist Front has a wide range of organisations involved that are all doing what they do, for the 14 words.

Some kind of sports ball occasion happened yesterday that has been in the news, full of anti-nationalist commercials and Lady Gaga wailing, but the big surprise is that the White team beat the Black team for once. Parrott explains that the Patriots are statistically the Whitest team in the country and they support Trump, so they were being attacked online and they were so far behind in the game that it looked impossible for them to win. Yet in the last half, they pulled themselves back from the brink and defeated the Black team, to much butt-hurt Leftists whining and crying at the White Supremacists winning.

During the game, adverts showing how a nasty mean wall was preventing a poor innocent child from getting into America were shown and the audience were shocked to see Lady Gaga not say anything political at all, but just do what she was paid to do and sing. The hosts think she sensed that it would not go down so well if she did, so she just shut up and danced instead.

Parrott then tells us some of the many rule changes introduced over the years which have worked against White people in order to promote minorities, before Heimbach finishes the show by reminding us that tv sport is really just bread and circuses to keep the goyim happy, you are much better off sending your dollars to the TWP instead of spending them on watching football.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Mandingoes in Spandex – DT 020617


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  1. I think he should have used a picture of (((Silvermann))) in a porta-oven