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The Daily Traditionalist: Narcissistic Identity Confusion – DT 022217


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Sven Longshanks for Wednsday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to discuss a new low that has been reached by our identity deficient youth. Otherkins or should that be otherkines, are individuals who think they are another species, such as dogs, cats or even mythical creatures such as dragons. Just like the trannies, they demand that people humour them and pretend that they really are another species and rather than seeing this as a mental illness, they think it is perfectly normal and want the same treatment in law and society that the he/shes get.

The reason for this explosion in mental illness is identity confusion. White people have been stripped of their most fundamental sense of shared being, their race and nation and are instead thinking that we are all just individuals. Once you are just an individual the only identity you have is the one you create and in order to draw attention to themselves, some dress up as women or pretend to be an animal. The idea that we are nothing more than individuals is the same in both capitalism and communism and it leads to extreme narcissism, where the only person that matters is you. Selfishness will never bring happiness though, the only way to make yourself genuinely happy is to do something for someone else and Nationalism is the logical result once this is realised.

After identifying loss of identity as the cause of most of our society’s woes, Matt and Sven move on to looking at where being a nation full of individuals has led us. Nine Iraqi asylum seekers are in court in Austria at the moment for raping a German school teacher. If she had remembered her glorious ancestry, she never would have allowed herself to be drunk and talking to Iraqis in the first place and if the people of Vienna realised the importance of race, then they never would have allowed the Iraqis into the country in the first place. Diversity is not a strength, it is the result of mistaking ourselves for individuals, when really we are the components of a race and of a nation.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks


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