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The Daily Traditionalist: The New Normal


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Tony Hovater for The Daily Traditionalist news round-up, starting with the meltdown going on stateside, as Trump’s immigration teams start going about their business. Illegal immigrants are law breakers, they are criminals by definition and all the ICE teams are doing is carrying out the orders given to them by the government. These criminals have broken into the country, have lied to the authorities and are taking jobs away from Americans. They have fake documents and yet they are not being charged with any crimes, they are just being sent home. This is what happens when the law is actually enforced.

Antifa have been attacking heavy metal fans again, going after the audience of the band Marduk. They have started emulating the Negroes with their knockout game, but instead are calling it ‘Richard Spencering’ someone. When the person they are trying to attack then pulls a gun on them, they are claiming that their unprovoked attack was actually self defence. At the recent Milo event, they almost burned the building down and still they were blaming Milo for this. Everything they disagree with they have defined as fascism and once it is fascism, all the normal rules of behaviour can be broken in order to shut it down.

The AFD have been in trouble recently after a senior member called the holohoax memorial a memorial of shame and a junior member posted an image of Hitler saying how much he was missed. The party are now trying to kick out the chairwoman who sent this image, but what are the Germans supposed to say about what has happened to their country since the war? Hitler clearly would not have opened the borders to the whole of Africa, Asia and the Middle East like Merkel has done.

A high-ranking member of United Russia has spoken out against some modern day Bolsheviks, calling them out for having ancestors who boiled Russians alive in cauldrons. Russia is also refusing to celebrate the one hundred year anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution and this has infuriated the Left everywhere.

The podcast finishes with a brief discussion on the deep state. We have an elected government, but since the time of Nixon there has been a shadow government pulling all the strings. This group of hidden personages are the ones behind the leaks which are being sent to the media to harm Trump. He will not allow himself to be pushed around or bullied, so we could see him actually take this group on and if he has any success in doing this, then he will definitely be here for a 2nd term.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Tony Hovater

The Daily Traditionalist: The New Normal – DT 021517

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