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Matt Parrott stands in for regular host Matthew Heimbach today and begins with a run down of what happened to Gavin Mckinnes last night. He was pepper-sprayed in the face before his speech and after, once again the antifa were able to get at him and the venue and the police just appeared to let this go on unopposed. How many times does this have to happen before we start working together to prevent this? The Alt-Light has to start working with the Alt-Right, they are making us look weak, by association. It is no good just complaining about the double standards, we need to be taking action to prevent this. It is essential that we are able to secure and occupy public space and to see Mckinnes fail in this is very surprising. The Left think Spencer, Milo and Mckinnes are all nazis anyway, working with the real Nazis is not going to make any difference.

After this, we hear about a prominent antifa activist who inadvertently showed off his porn collection by mistake, while trying to speak against ‘White Supremacy.’ This was the same guy who made the stupid Klan documentary where he supposedly talked people out of promoting hate and this embarrassing failure should see the end of his attempts to be a serious ‘civil rights’ campaigner.
The allah snackbar machete attack in France is next brought up, alongside another terrorist attack in Pasadena carried out by someone of middle eastern appearance who threw a bomb into a restaurant. All over the world this is going on and all over the world the politicians and the media are trying to cover it up and pretend that none of it is connected.

Radio Aryan favourite Finland is next from the news desk, with the shocking and unexpected news that two thirds of child refugees there are actually adults. Just how far have these parasites travelled to find a country that is not at war to claim asylum in? They must have passed through at least ten peaceful countries before they got there. How hard can it be, to send these people back home? In Finland they are not just complaining about this, they are doing something about it.

Some of the rape gangs in Rotherham have finally been in court and it was no surprise to learn that they were yelling ‘allah snackbar’ at the judge as they were led out. The rape jihad has as much to do with Islamism as the suicide bombers do and the two phenomena need to be linked together in people’s minds.

The Trump news today centres on how he plans to deal with the problem of Jewish settlements in Palestine. After his win, the state of Israel has been moving rapidly to escalate their intrusion onto the Arab land, thinking that Trump would just let this go on without saying anything. Trump is expecting them to play fair however, since he has been such a good friend to them, but he is soon going to discover that with the Jews, friendship counts for nothing.

Presented by Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: No Furries Allowed – DT 020317

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