The Daily Traditionalist: Rioting Everywhere

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Sven Longshanks stands in for Matthew Heimbach today with co-host Matt Parrott to discuss the Antifa terrorism at Berkeley, California. This is not an exaggeration for what the Left has turned into, using violence to achieve political aims is terrorism. It was very heartening to see Trump’s response to it, as he appeared to be linking the Leftist university with the Leftist protesters, instead of claiming they were nothing to do with the students. How long will it be before the Antifa end up killing someone? Will it have to go that far before they are declared a terrorist organisation?

Matt thinks before that happens, White America will start fighting back with serious fire power. The Left think they are fighting against Ned Flanders, but in reality they are poking a sleeping bear with a sharp stick. By attacking Milo’s speech, they thought they were attacking fascists and nazis, yet as we know, Milo is nothing to do with us. However, we should take note that their violence has escalated and they are now going for people, rather than just inanimate objects like trash cans and cash machines. The TWP were able to defend themselves from these thugs in Sacramento last year, because they were prepared and Richard Spencer and the less street-wise part of the Alt-Right should really be talking to them about providing security against further antifa attack.

As well as the riot in Berkeley, there was also a huge riot in a prison, with one guard being killed. The inmates said they were smashing things up in protest against Donald Trump, which really shows you the sort of people who are against him. As well as these two disturbances, there has also been a positive riot in Romania, where citizens have been going crazy at the news that the corruption laws are being changed, so politicians will not have to go to prison if they only stole less than $40,000. In Romania the people know that Nationalism is the answer, in America it looks like there are a few who may still need convincing.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Rioting Everywhere – DT 020217

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