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The Daily Traditionalist: Truth-Bombs in the Mainstream Media


Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks present the Wednesday edition of The Daily Traditionalist starting with a bit of Trump news, how the Left cannot even remember the name of the right country or even the right name of the president, when they are trying to criticise him. On top of that, they are still dragging their heels about installing his choice of Attorney General which means he still cannot do anything about the antifa riots in America.

Antifa have also been causing trouble in Britain, attempting to disrupt last weekend’s meeting of the London Forum. They turned up mob handed and throwing smoke bombs, expecting to be able to intimidate the hotel into shutting down the conference. According to antifa tweets, the balaclava and mask wearing thugs were expecting the police to arrest the attendees, but instead, the police made the anarchists move away from the hotel so the the Forum could continue in peace. At the end of the meeting the Left Wing gangsters were all threatened with arrest if they refused to leave and the police then kindly escorted attendees to the train station so there would be no danger of ambush.

The mainstream media have covered this and in both instances, they included Youtube embeds of one of Jez Turner’s best speeches, getting the London Forum message out to thousands of potential new recruits. They also included quotes from him exposing the holohoax and the Jewish stranglehold on our countries, which helps to desensitize people to our talking points. In their desperate attempt to encourage condemnation from their readers, the fake news journalists inadvertently tip people off to how biased the press are.

After pointing out how the media cheers on the actions of the violent Left Wing terror groups, the two hosts close the podcast with some good news from prisoner of war Lawrence Burns.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Truth-Bombs in the Mainstream Media – DT 020817

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