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The Daily Traditionalist: TV Nazis


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Jason Augustus for Thursday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and they start by asking why it is that Blacks have no empathy for animals? We also see terrible abuse of animals in China, which shows that this is not a cultural issue but something that non-Whites do naturally, that goes completely against what we feel as White people and especially as National Socialists.

Today is official ‘no immigrants day’, where all the immigrants are supposed to be on strike and America is supposed to come crashing to a halt in a flood of dirty dishes. Most of these people are in the country illegally anyway, but thanks to the Hollywood celebrities people seem to be forgetting that. Groups like LaRaza have fallen for this ‘Blame Whitey’ narrative and their whole identity has been built around blaming Whites for all their problems, claiming we have all the power, when the majority of Whites are working class and are paying for all the welfare that the members of LaRaza survive on. Mexico is rounding up Cuban immigrants, they have fences, borders and guns yet LaRaza is not attacking it’s own Mexican government, it is attacking the government and people of the United States.

After talking about the effect that Hollywood has on shaping public opinion, Matt and Jason look at some recent portrayals of National Socialism on tv and film, including ‘Look Who’s Back’ which was about Hitler waking up in modern times and the tv series ‘Man in the High Castle’. For decades National Socialists have been shown to be very shallow characters in the movies and in books, yet the fascination with this era continues. Jews use these sort of programs particularly to deceive people about the true nature of National Socialism and the tv series claims Hitler banned the Bible and was opposed to Christianity, yet Germany was a Christian country that tried to revive the church through Positive Christianity. Goebbels himself gave a speech about how National Socialism was feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and taking care of the people’s material needs, while the church was responsible for the nation’s spiritual needs. National Socialism is Christian in essence and Jason finishes the podcast by reminding us that the Jews killed Christ for his anti-Semitism.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: TV Nazis – DT 021617

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