The Daily Traditionalist: You Are What You Eat


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for Wednsday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and the first topic for discussion is Donald Trump’s ban on security risks entering the United States and the response to this in Europe. Donald Tusk the unelected ‘president’ of Europe has pronounced America to be the greatest threat currently facing the EU and a petition in Britain with over million signatures is calling for Trump’s official state visit to be banned. At the same time, another petition with almost as many signatures is calling for Trump to be welcomed and Nigel Farage delivered a speech in the European Parliament to roars of approval that Trump was merely doing what all countries in Europe should be doing.

America is just as divided as Britain is at the moment, with half supporting Trump’s ban and under half being against it in the latest Reuter’s poll. What this shows is that the polarisation is increasing and the battle lines are being drawn. Nationalists against globalists is the new paradigm and we are the ones who are drawing the masses to us like a magnet. The more the Left scream and riot and the more the Moslems carry on being Moslems this trajectory for us will not change.

The second subject discussed today is the effect that globalisation has had on the food that we eat. Because of the drive to make as much profit as possible, the food itself has gone right down in quality and even the packaging that it comes in is now full of poison. Instead of the economy serving the people, we have the people serving the economy but if we had a nationalist administration in power, then the good of the people would come first and none of this toxic food packaging would be allowed.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: You Are What You Eat – DT 020117

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