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Truth Will Out Radio: Eichmann’s Original Memoirs

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Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise present a new episode of Truth Will Out Radio, starting by reminding people about the newly released memoirs of Adolf Eichmann at These memoirs are not the same as anything published before and Sven explains some of the background to them and how they came to be released online. Eichmann was a committed Nationalist who wanted the Jews to share the same zeal for their people, that he had for his own people. He wrote that if he was a Jew, then he would be the world’s biggest Zionist. Because of this, he did all he could to get them Nationalist organisations of their own, with the view of getting them to move to Palestine and be self sufficient.

The Jews repaid him for being so good to them, by kidnapping him and taking him to Israel for torture and a show trial condoned by the UN. Dennis points out how this proves that the Jews won the war, since this went against all international law. They did the same to Ernst Zundel and abducted him from America to Germany, to answer hate crime charges for something he said in Canada. Dennis and Sven agree with Eichmann that the main problem with the Jew is an economic one. If you have a middle man always siphoning something off for himself, then eventually there will not be enough resources for the indigenous ethnic nation. All the subversion of the culture in Germany was secondary and used to distract from the primary economic problem and the same as is happening again today.

After going through some of the crimes the Jews were guilty of back then, Dennis explains how the sex slavery racket has been controlled by them for over a thousand years. It is not just the Moslems that take White slaves today, the Jews do as well under the guise of prostitutes in Israel. They have been doing this since Roman times and continued through the Moslem occupation of Spain. Today we hear the politically corrected phrase ‘child/human trafficking’ but sex slavery is what it is. The Moslem grooming gangs in England are doing the same thing as ISIS in Syria, it is not the religion that drives this but the ethnicity in both cases. The religion comes from the ethnicity, not the other way around and this is the same for both Jews and Moslems.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Eichmann’s Original Memoirs – TWOR 021017


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