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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Meeting Up IRL – GL 030717


Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day is blowing Tuesday up this week, with an amazing show featuring the debut of our new Listener Topics segment. As you are all aware, GPL has been trying to pull this together for a while now and even though we have run into a few snags getting it up and running, this week it’s all systems go! We will be joined today by Nordic Stormer and our topic will be IRL meetups. Whether you want to get in on the Daily Stormer Book Clubs, the normie Trump rallies or perhaps some of the exciting stuff that the Traditionalist Worker Party are doing, this week’s Topic is for you. Our informative discussion will give you a feel for what you should be looking for when you decide to take that first big step towards meeting up with like minded folk. Now that we are fitting this new section in, the show will be formatted a little differently to usual. Due to time constraints and out of consideration for the other hosts here on Radio Aryan whose shows need to air at their allotted time, we will skip the specifics segment this week and start out with some general thoughts, before moving on to the new listener topics segment and then finishing up with listener’s comments and questions at the end of the show as usual.

With all of that out of the way, we get things rolling right off the bat with a topic that Grandpa Lampshade has been thinking about this week. Have you noticed how it seems that the entire purpose of our people's existence seems to be to serve as livestock to provide wealth for those at the top? The way in which our people are expected to serve like cattle with no consideration for their own happiness is a direct reflection of the Jewed-out society in which we live. Though it is just a fact of life that everyone has to work and struggle to provide a decent living for their family, with advancements in technology there is no reason at all why we shouldn't be striving for our people to be happy as well. Now, this is kind of a vague thing; how do you define happy? Thought it is true that happiness is defined differently for each individual person and there is no way to cater to each person's happiness individually, it is also true that our people are not cattle and it is imperative that we break this livestock mentality that is forced upon us daily.

Next we go ahead and start the maiden voyage of the listener topics segment joined by Nordic Stormer, to discuss his experience with conducting IRL meetups in the hostile Pacific Northwest. We enjoy an in depth discussion about this subject, with the idea in mind of breaking people out of the fear of intimidation that our enemies have tried to implant in us and we talk about moving beyond the computer into taking the next logical step, which is to start organizing face to face. Yes it is important to make sure you stay safe out there, however at some point you do have to take that step out into the unknown and at some point you will have to trust your brothers in this struggle. One of the things the enemy tries to do is to keep us isolated and to plant the idea in our minds that we are alone and shunned and that nobody shares our world view. If the enemy can freeze us in a state of inaction, then our beliefs are not a threat to them because they know we are never going to do anything that will hinder their plans. Nordic Stormer and GPL discuss this, as well as Stormer's experience with organizing and getting together in his own local club. Whether you are contemplating taking this step to participating in real life meet ups or perhaps even if you have already done that, we'll be talking about this topic in a way that hopefully will leave you better informed and perhaps with a fresh perspective moving forward.

After a great discussion on IRL activities, we move into the listener’s questions and comments section and Okuma from Radio Aryan Chat has one for us this week. By the way, as you tour the all new Radio Aryan website you will see the chat link right up at the top. I highly encourage you to click on it, register (we won't dox you brah) and check it out. It's a great place to come in and hang out and if you come in at the right time, you'll even get to hang out with and chat with Grandpa Lampshade. As to our question/comment for this week: Okuma wants to know GPL's opinion when it comes to dealing with non-Whites, who for all practical purposes seem pretty much ok. Whether it's someone you know personally or even if you have a small community of them in your town, this can leave some people, especially those who are just coming into our political point of view from the normie side, feeling a bit torn. This is natural because we advocate for policies that would necessarily have a negative impact on these people. The fact is that this isn't a TV show, or a book, or a story that we are writing. In real life, it's not usually possible to get a happy ending for everyone involved. That's just the way the world is. Usually if you have a group of non-Whites in your community who aren't actually causing any of the problems that we are all so familiar with, the odds are that the reason for this is that they are outnumbered and they will thus mimic the behavior of the majority population. However, if the White majority is displaced, then this will all quickly disappear. The fact of the matter is that if we are displaced and eliminated and make no mistake if we are not successful we will be eliminated, then the world will be a much harsher place for everyone, including these non-Whites. We have to deal with the issues posed by group behaviors on a group basis, as it is simply not possible to get to know each and every individual that belongs to that group. Because of this we have to make policy decisions that are based on the group and it is unavoidable that some seemingly ok members of that group are going get the short end of the stick on that deal.

With the new segment started, thoughts discussed and listener’s questions covered, we wrap up yet another episode. These shows are sometimes a lot of work and I often spend my entire day off just on editing alone, but I have to tell you, it's a labor of love. I really enjoy doing them and I really enjoy the time we spend together discussing these topics. I thank you for taking the time to listen in each and every week. We will no doubt have much more to talk about and much more to discuss by the time another week has passed and you can bet that we will be covering it all right here on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Meeting Up IRL – GL 030717


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