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Radio Free Northwest: The Fire Rises – RFN 030217

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Harold Covington begins this week’s episode of Radio Free Northwest by drawing our attention to how we do not yet have a White homeland, but our best hope for securing one, is in the Pacific Northwest. We must not be shy about this idea, but at the same time, we also have to be very careful about who is included. There are instances of Whites retaking territory in our history and Harold lists some of them to help inspire us.

The Trucker is in the republic of Texas this week and he reminds people to check out the Radio Free Northwest archive, before giving us some instruction on why you need seasoned wood for starting a fire and seasoned people for starting a movement.

After that Harold encourages us to take advantage of Trump disabling the mainstream media to help promote our own, before giving some commentary of the Milo situation. He sees the Alt-Right having the same character problems in the leadership that White Nationalism has always had. Years have been spent wasting resources, yet still we have made no headway. We need to stop playing and start taking advantage of the brief pause that Trump has given us. Species do die out and we will too within a century if we dont stop this now and the best way to do that, is to establish a homeland in the Northwest. No other plan has succeeded and this is the last one left.

He also encourages us to question what it is that we want to achieve. Most of us are reactionaries, rather than revolutionaries and racial resentment is not a worldview. We know we hate the political, economic and social system, but we just end up hating the individuals in it, rather than looking at where it comes from and attacking it at the roots. We want the system to work for us, we want it to keep to it’s own laws and to deliver what it promised us, rather than to tear it down and rebuild something better. We need revolution and this will only come through the fire and the sword, yet still we turn our heads and pretend we do not see. What we need is the Iron Dream, not the American Dream.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Fire Rises – RFN 030217

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