Radio Free Northwest: The Futility of Street Walking – RFN 031517

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Harold Covington brings us a new episode of Radio Free Northwest starting with some more from Doomguard, talking about the need to to be exclusively focused on race. He also echoes Harold in his views that White people seem to need a permission slip before doing anything.

After that we get some commentary on street walking and why it is not necessary when you are trying to build up a community. There are many reasons why protests may not be the best use of people’s time, especially in areas that are not so densely populated. Drawing unwanted attention being just one. The ethno-state is still nowhere near on the horizon and we have already tried protesting and making a spectacle of ourselves. The NWF is about trying something different, building the infrastructure to be able to declare a sovereign White ethno-state. The key to doing this is in attracting people with the right character, which demonstrations and protests are not likely to do.

Gretchen reviews Jeffrey Cox’s ‘Psychotherapy in the Third Reich’ this week, before Harold returns to talk about his experience in the Republic of Ireland during the troubles and how it applies to what the NWF are trying to do today.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Futility of Street Walking – RFN 031517

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