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Radio Free Northwest: In Honour of George Lincoln Rockwell – RFN 030917

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Harold Covington dedicates this week’s podcast to Commander George Lincoln Rockwell and begins by telling us about his early life history. He was always at the top of his game, winning awards inside and outside of active service and while serving his country, he realised that all the wars he was fighting were against Communists and it was always Jews behind them. He read Mein Kampf and realising the truths that it contained, he applied them and formed the American Nazi Party to preserve the White race and expel the aliens from among our midst.

After hearing from the great man himself, we next get a talk from Andy Donner on why Radio Free Northwest should be used to gain more people for the North West Front, rather than just for entertainment. The Trucker then makes an appearance before Gretchen reviews ‘Highway to Valhalla’ by Fred Barnett Woodward which is set around the early nineties in Canada. It’s aimed at White Nationalists and is about a Nationalist organisation and a surveillance expert who is hired by them. It contains a romance and then a sudden death, but the revenge taken for this turns tragic and harms the innocent. The author is trying to harden the reader to glorious failure with the notion of martyrdom and while the book does help with that, the mistake described would not help us to learn from and the morality involved may be questionable.

Who Guards the Guardians is up next and this time it’s just a commentary on all things secret police, particularly with reference to the FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department and others, meddling over the last year with the election. Harold thinks Comey did genuinely show integrity and wanted to make certain Clinton would not be taking over. But after first getting rid of the witch, it now looks like Comey is conspiring with the other departments to overthrow Trump. The FBI are now nothing more than armed political players in the arena of power. The last vestiges of being the good guys are gone, they are political gangsters acting for the oligarchs and nobody can deny this.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: In Honour of George Lincoln Rockwell – RFN 030917

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