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Radio Free Northwest: Your Health is Your Wealth – RFN 033017


Harold Covington brings us this week’s episode of Radio Free Northwest in a new format, once a month or so it is planned to have a panel discussion which will replace the occasional call-in shows of the past. Health, alternative medicine and other medical issues are the subject for this first one. The callers are all of a certain age, as to be expected from the subject matter and the topics range from diet to medicine. You are never to young to start taking care of yourself and Nationalism is all about being the best you can be, physically as well mentally so this is a chance for younger people to learn from their elder’s experience in keeping themselves fit and healthy.

Doctors will tell you that if you have a healthy diet, then you do not need to take vitamin supplements, but the soil is now so drained of nutrients everywhere that you have to take supplements. Spina Bifida babies could have been stopped 35 years ago if the doctors had only listened to the vets who had noticed that it was caused by malnutrition. Doctors are often the last to confirm the source of an illness or a possible cure, as they all come about first through anecdotal evidence such as this.

All the money in the world will be no good to you if your health goes, being fit is essential if you want to take part in any physical activity to promote Nationalism and this podcast is full of tips on how you can stay healthy through eating the right diet and even cure some ailments simply through eating the right foods.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Your Health is Your Wealth – RFN 033017

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