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The Daily Traditionalist: Brexit and Pizzagate – DT 033017


Sven Longshanks and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson co-host Thursday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist, looking at Brexit in the first half and Pizzagate in the second. Theresa May has finally triggered Article 50, which means Britain has to be divorced from the EU within two years of this date. The main reason why people voted to leave was because of immigration and the task now is to put pressure on the government to make good it’s promise to the nation and put a stop to it. Jez Turner and Paul Pitt will be doing just that on Friday March 31st at 6pm in Whitehall with a march for Britain. The meeting place is The Lord Moon on the Mall, 16 Whitehall which is a Wetherspoons pub and the nearest tube is Trafalgar Square, so anyone near the locality please go along to show your support.

Dr Johnson explains how the EU began with a simple coal and steel trade agreement, but coal and steel are essential to the economy and once you have control over those, you have de facto control over a country and it’s sovereignty has been usurped. Although it is theoretically possible to leave the EU, it was also possible to leave the Soviet Union and even the United States, which gives us an idea of how likely the NWO thought this would be to actually happen.

Dr Johnson has been looking into Pizzagate recently and after the discussion on Brexit he gives us an outline of what this is all about. People shy away from these sort of crimes against children by the establishment as the implications of it can be very hard to process. Because of this, elite paedophiles quite often are brazen about their crimes, knowing that the police will do nothing about it and the witnesses will not be believed. President Trump has now jailed over 2,000 child abusers since taking office, but the mainstream media has been incredibly slow with reporting on this. The elite paedophiles are protected by the diplomatic status, the same as the Moslem paedophiles are protected by their minority status and it’s the White children that are suffering because of it. Victims of child grooming in the Greater Manchester area of Great Britain have increased four-fold since Rotherham.

After all this dark subject matter the podcast ends on a lighter note with the news that Roger Daltrey has endorsed Brexit. The headline of the article itself claims he ‘hailed’ Brexit. Why is it good when Daltrey does this but bad when Richard Spencer hails Trump?

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Brexit and Pizzagate – DT 033017


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