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The Daily Traditionalist: Doing Lines With The Devil – DT 031417

Matthew Heimbach is joined by Jason Augustus for today’s episode and they begin by discussing the news that gun sales are down since Donald Trump was elected. This is because there is now less of a threat that the guns will be taken away by the State. Although this is good, it does mean that people are relaxing and thinking that Trump is going to solve their problems, which he is not going to do. We cannot go back to sleep now that he is the president, Trump is not the solution he is just a means to an end, it is only National Socialism that can truly fix our broken society.

Germany has proposed fines of up to 50 million euros for websites that are not quick enough to remove articles critical of immigration and the New World Order. The interesting thing about this, is that it is aimed at sites like Facebook, rather than ours and you don’t get more Left Wing than Fakebook. Turks are rioting, rape gangs are ficki-ficki-ing and the White youth of Europe have had their entire inheritance squandered, yet anyone pointing this out is now a criminal and even Zuckerberg is included in this for not being quick enough at censoring comments. It would still be a problem even if the invaders were decent, well educated people though, there just is not enough room for these creatures in Europe. It is costing people their lives and the biggest cheerleaders for this state of affairs everywhere are the Jews.

The people who are most at risk from the negative effects of immigration are the youth of Europe, yet they are the ones making up the ranks of the Antifa calling for more of it. Most are too busy being hedonistic to realise they are getting high while their nations burn down around their ears. We live in such an inverted reality now that the most edgy form of music is Christian death metal, but if you really want to shock people just try doing something to help the elderly, or show an interest in your community. Doing lines with the Devil no longer shows that you are rebellious, it shows that you have fallen for the lies just like the rest of the subservient slaves to the system.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: Doing Lines With The Devil – DT 031417


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