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The Daily Traditionalist: Extreme Equality – DT 032117


Matt Parrott stands in for Matthew Heimbach again and today he is joined by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson. The first topic discussed is the missing radio producer from the Voice of Reason Network Mike Connor, who just disappeared one day. After that we move on to Bulgarian super hero Dinko Valev who has just acquired a helicopter gunship in order to round up migrants. Soviet ex-military equipment is very easy to pick up in Bulgaria and the country itself has a healthy Nationalist scene. Dinko is a former wrestler who has become something of a celebrity in his homeland, using his money for philanthropic pursuits such as protecting his people from being replaced by Saracens. ISIS have put a bounty on his head, which Dr Johnson thinks must mean America is not happy with him for some reason.

Most people seem aware now of the links between ISIS and the Anglo-American Israel axis and much of what they do is highly suspicious, such as wearing all black in the desert, having a name like ISIS and supposedly killing babies. The NWO needed an enemy in the Middle East so they created one.

As well as helping Trump to win the election, 4 Chan are now developing image recognition technology linked up to web-cams and lap-tops so they can help defend America’s border. We have moved on from just being able to find information online, to taking an active role in physically achieving our aims through it. Conditions are being made awkward for the border breakers and many of them are already self-deporting, but a few guys with helicopter gunships still would still not go amiss.

In Minnesota there is a 98 year old man with Alzheimers, who has been accused of carrying out atrocities against Poland while being a part of the Ukrainian SS. This man has already been cleared by the Canadian government and the Ukrainian one, but the Jews are still going after him. Dr Johnson has traced the movements of his unit and they were nowhere near where the Polish government are alleging. There is no evidence at all to convict him apart from an old photograph that they think looks like him today, 70 years later. What is the point of going after a senile old man like this? Is this a message that they are trying to send, or are they hoping to get their hands on some property by this? The media is claiming he has already been convicted when he hasnt, he was absolved of being involved. The Polish court has already declared him guilty before he has even been tried. Hopefully the Ukrainian government will help, as they know for certain that he is innocent, the same as the Canadian government do, but that wont stop him from having to put up with all their harassment when he is near the end of his life already.

Presented by Matt Parrott and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Extreme Equality – DT 032117

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