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The Daily Traditionalist: False-Flag Malware & Free Speech Martyrs – DT 031017


Florian Geyer and Sven Longshanks stand in for Matthew Heimbach on today’s podcast and the main topic discussed is the revelation from Wikileaks that the CIA have been turning smart phones, televisions and other devices into covert spying machines. Besides invading people’s privacy like this, they have also been making it look like it was another country responsible. Could this be the source of the accusations against Russia for meddling in the election? Did the CIA hack into the Democratic party in order to make it look like Russia was responsible?

Florian and Sven suggest some ways to help cover your tracks online before putting the surveillance threat into perspective. They may be recording and logging every little thing that we do online, but they do not have the man power to actually then go through it all. They have to have targeted you for an investigation for them to do that and this means you have to have been arrested for a crime first. So long as you are not calling for violence and are not massively in the public eye, then the chances are that you will not even be on their radar.

One man who is on their radar is Jez Turner and the way the Jews are behaving in this case is very instructive. They have started a full media assault against Jez, in the hopes that this will influence the Crown Prosecution Service into doing their bidding and agreeing to re-open the Anti-Shomrim case. Florian reminds us that this is exactly the same behaviour that we saw the Jews use against Christ and against St Paul. This battle we are in did not just start today, it goes back thousands of years and just like we had martyrs back then, we still have our martyrs today who need supporting.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Traditionalist: False-Flag Malware & Free Speech Martyrs – DT 031017


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