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The Daily Traditionalist: Hail Commander Rockwell! – DT 030917

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Matthew Heimbach is joined by Sven Longshanks for an episode dedicated to Commander George Lincoln Rockwell since it is his birthday today. Commander Rockwell gave up a wealthy armed forces pension in order to form the American Nazi Party. It was not long since the war and to be doing what he did, was a real shock to America. He applied and updated all that he had learned from Mein Kampf and identified the Jew as the source of all the problems that the traditional Right Wing were agitating against.

Matt and Sven talk about how his charisma set him apart from all other White leaders of the era and pretty much ever since. He was able to turn the tables on his interviewers and make them look stupid while making the audience laugh at the same time. He succeeded in making people question why we ever went to war in the first place and his writing woke a generation up to the dangers that the Negro and the Jew pose to the White race.

Probably more so than any other other Nationalist since, Rockwell exemplified the importance of good character, going to great lengths to lead by example and insisting on party members being drug-free, heterosexual and virtuous. It is no wonder the Jewish establishment hated him so much. His books are still being read today and his tactics for gaining media exposure are also still being used. The timeless nature of National Socialism means that it’s principles can be applied anywhere and at any time and one of it’s best spokesman was Commander Rockwell. He was one of the first in America to ensure that Hitler did not die in vain and his legacy continues today in groups such as the TWP and the now banned National Action in Britain.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Hail Commander Rockwell! – DT 030917


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