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The Daily Traditionalist: Jonathan Bowden and the Victory of Christ – DT 032917


Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer co-host Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and they start by paying tribute to Jonathan Bowden, a British Nationalist hero who lost his life far too early 5 years ago today. Bowden was a gifted child, writing and inking his own graphic novels before the age of 10 and would go on to become a respected author and artist, as well as one of the best orators we have ever had in Nationalism. Although he called himself a Pagan, most of the problems that he identified in our society could be traced to the loss of our unifying faith and the effect that has had on our sense of identity.

In the clip played he explains why Islam now has the upper hand in our countries and why anyone who tries to spite the laws of nature will end up being killed by them. Our people today are bending over backwards to appease Islam and in doing so, are denying beliefs central to our civilisation that our ancestors have held to for at least the last 1700 years.

A student was recently kicked out of his university, for challenging a Moslem teacher who claimed that Christ did not die on the cross and that his disciples did not believe he was God. This is an essential component of Islam, yet Christ’s victory over death is the inspiring truth at the heart of Christianity. The student was being expected to deny the eye-witness accounts that his ancestors held to and to affirm the doctrine of idolaters instead, when the symbol of the cross was never a symbol of suffering to White people, but a reminder of our ultimate victory of life over death and good over evil.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Traditionalist: Jonathan Bowden and the Victory of Christ – DT 032917


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