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The Daily Traditionalist: Lies Told About Slavery and the Civil War – DT 030317


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for the last Daily Traditionalist of the week and first off, he lets people know that he has missed a few episodes as he needed some surgery which he has now had, so normal service should be resumed next week. Matt then tells us about a church that he used to go to that used to work with the Sons of the Confederate Veterans, to allow them to honour the war dead by cleaning up their graves. This church now has a female pastor, who has banned so-called hate groups and says that she wants to completely eradicate the past and replace it with something different.

It is not just the Left that are trying to rewrite history, even the Confederate Veterans have been apologising for slavery and enrolling Blacks in the organisation, when the war was not about slavery, it was about agrarian peoples fighting to free themselves from an empire and most of the slave merchants were Jews, they were not Whites. Despite the organisation’s attempts to sell-out and promote lies about American history, the Left still calls them a hate group and tries to stop them honouring their ancestors.

The radical reconstruction movement after the war was not to free the slaves, it was in order to punish the Southern Whites. The slaves were freed without lands and they were thrown onto the labour market all at once, which just meant they had to go back to their slave owners for work, but the slave owner no longer had to look after the slave. The rich northerners moved in buying up all the land for pennies from the war widows, while the abolitionists and the republican plotted to destroy the entire area.

The South used to be the richest part of America but now it is the poorest and this did not happen by accident. The same technique would go on to be used all around the world by the new American empire and we see the same thing happening now in the Middle East and Africa, but the first instance of this resource theft and destruction of identity was in the American South.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Lies About Slavery and the Civil War – DT 030317


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