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The Daily Traditionalist: Men Need to Be Men – DT 032817

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Sven Longshanks is joined by Doc Savage from Mysterium Fasces for today’s episode of The Daily Traditionalist and first up is an encouraging piece of news from Tulsa Oklahoma. Three ‘teens’ tried to break into a White family home and the 21 year old son managed to bag every one of them with his weapon. The female getaway driver’s surname was Rodriguez, so we can make an educated guess that the rest of the thugs were also Mestizoes. That’s three down and only another billion or so to go.

Jeff Sessions has made it clear that he will not be tolerating illegal brown people carrying out crimes like this and the Trump administration has announced it will be withholding funding from the sanctuary cities. These parts of America are refusing to work with the federal law enforcement and are harbouring known criminals. Many of the politicians in these cities are now Mestizoes themselves, which explains why they are looking out for the interests of the invasion force, rather than American citizens.

Sweden took the replacement of Whites one step further this week with the election of a Ugandan Negress as leader of the Feminist Party of Sweden. This African interloper wants the borders to be completely open and questions why Sweden deports the few Negroes that they do, when the country doesn’t deport White Swedes when they commit crimes. This is the sort of logic we have come to expect from Negroes and she also calls her host nation racist and oppressive, when the country was decent enough to take her sorry threadbare behind in when she arrived as a ‘refugee’ and house, clothe and educate her for free.

Men should be standing up to this rubbish, shame on England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for not having a man good enough to lead the main parties. This situation has come about through men being brainwashed into thinking their masculinity is wrong. There is even amasculinity confession booth’ at the university of Regina, where men confess their sin of being male and are taught that if they are the type to keep a level head instead of bursting into tears, then they must also be a wife beater.

Thankfully there are still some men left to voice support for traditionalism and Johnny Rotten surprisingly enough is one of them. He told British TV this morning that he supported Trump, Farage and Brexit and found it a great delight to see the way Trump is making war against the corrupt media. Hopefully we will begin to see more celebrities coming out in support for patriotism and nationalism in the future as even if it is just civic nationalism, that is still a good sign. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Doc Savage

The Daily Traditionalist: Men Need to Be Men – DT 032817


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