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The Daily Traditionalist: Men of Virtue or Men of Vice – DT 032217


Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer stand in for Matthew Heimbach today and the hot news of the moment is all happening on Westminster bridge where as many as 12 people have been mowed down by a car, while inside the palace of Westminster a policeman was stabbed and the assailant shot. Early reports are identifying at least one of the attackers as of non-White appearance. This comes on the same day that laptops have been banned from all flights, when the obvious solution to both plane attacks and vehicle attacks is to simply remove kebab.

Moslems are prepared to die for their cause because they believe in a higher power and we were also prepared to die for our people once due to our faith in a holy cause. Since we stopped honouring our religion and thought we knew better, our lands have been flooded with those who do still follow their religion. If their faith in a false god is enough to inspire them to die, then how much more powerful would our people be with a united faith in the one true God?

Florian explains ways we can improve ourselves and by doing so set a good example which will inspire others, because if we cannot defeat our own internal demons first, then how could we ever hope to win against our external enemies? The battle begins with yourself and your own vices and the best way to cope with them is through faith and religious discipline. The non-Whites in our lands are here for a purpose, they are here to force us to get back on the right path. Whether that comes through reaching the limits we can take of terrorism and violence, or whether it comes through realising the truth before then and changing our ways, is up to us.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Traditionalist: Men of Virtue or Men of Vice – DT 032217


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