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The Daily Traditionalist: We Are The Good People – DT 032017

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Matt Parrott stands in for Matthew Heimbach for the first Daily Traditionalist of the week and is joined by Jason Augustus, first off to discuss the ongoing congressional investigation into alleged Russian links to the Trump administration. After that we move to an Infowars report on the NSA that proves they have been spying on President Trump. The FBI, the CIA, all the intelligence agencies are now aligned against the elected representative of the people, which is something we are used to seeing in the third world, not in the West, or at least not openly in the West.

In New York a man has been refused entry to a bar for wearing a MAGA hat. Jason is amazed at the courage of this patriot, as he never used to go out at all when he lived in New York, let alone showing his support for Trump. There was a time when people had friends who were on all sides of the political spectrum, but now there are entire no-go areas for republicans. Every ethnic group supports their own tribal interests except for Whites, but this polarisation is helping to bring White people together from different backgrounds and forcing them to identify with one another, rather than with some abstract concept of a blended humanity.

Jason has a new video out where he responded to Varg Vikernes recently, pointing out how ridiculous the artificial divisions between Christians and Pagans are. As a Pagan who disagrees with this pointless animosity, he thinks Pagans should not claim to be speaking for others when they are doing this. Rather than finding practical ways to fight for our community, this just causes fights within the community when we need unity among our different factions, not in-fighting. All the Nationalist leaders from the era when Nationalist states were in power, were all Christian. If Varg knows better than them, he should explain why that is and give some examples of where this technique of his has had any success.

Presented by Matt Parrott and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: We Are The Good People – DT 032017


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