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The Daily Traditionalist: Wilders, Erdogan and Syria – DT 031517


Matthew Heimbach and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson co-host today and the first subject covered is Syria. It is now six years since the start of the fake civil war and today a suicide bombing has killed thirty people in Damascus. It looks like ISIS may be moving back from being a ground army to the old terrorist model. Dr Johnson has been following events in Syria since the early nineties, as they were a pro-Christian Nationalist regime. They were just on the verge of becoming a first world economy when the war broke out and he thinks that this is what Israel were really frightened of and is the cause of their support for terrorism in the country. This has never been a civil war, it has always been a global campaign against the Syrian government. Syria had control of it’s own economy and it’s own resources and it was succeeding. It even had a first world military and this was proving to the world that the Liberal model is not necessary in order for a country to prosper.

Donald Trump’s tax returns have returned to front page news, but this is a complete non-story since he paid plenty of tax, even more percentage wise than Bernie Sanders. The press appear to have dropped even lower than we thought possible with President Trump, they are not even calling him ‘The President’, they are just calling him Trump. Their hatred for him proves just what a threat he is to them. Dr J thinks Trump is similar to Nixon, who was also aware of the deep state and the power structure aligned against him.

The Dutch elections are today and of course we hope Geert Wilders wins, even though he is weak on certain aspects of our platform, he has said that Netherlands is for the Dutch and not for anyone else. Erdogan seems keen to help Wilders by calling the Dutch Nazis and this is surprising, since Erdogan is in no position to be insulting Europe. He has threatened to flood Europe with orcs, but before then he had seemed keen to leave NATO. He seems to change his position all the time and it is very hard to nail down exactly what he is playing at, apart from ensuring that he himself stays in power.

Over in France, Marine LePen’s main competitor Francois Fillon has now been charged with corruption for creating fake jobs for his wife and children. This could really help us, as the mainstream conservatives have now been blown out, so Fillon’s supporters could quite conceivably now vote for LePen. The polarisation is extreme there and the conservatives will have to pick a side, either the team that has destroyed Paris and turned it into a third world slum, or the team that wants to make France great again.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Wilders, Erdogan and Syria – DT 031517


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