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Thoughts of the Day: Courage and Self Discipline – GL 032117

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Grandpa Lampshade returns to the living room we call Radio Aryan once again to sit down and discuss our Thoughts of the Day. For this week's thoughts, we pick up right where we left off last week in our discussion on self gratification and how the enemy uses this natural human weakness against us. You see, just because Grandpa finishes recording the show, it doesn't necessarily mean he has finished thinking about the subjects covered. I often find myself continuing to consider these ideas from different angles and after having discussed self gratification last week, I began thinking about how it really boils down to something we have lost: self discipline. Self discipline, like so many other virtuous attributes of ours was once held up and admired in our society. It used to be instilled along with many other virtues in our children. Self discipline, honesty, loyalty and honor, virtues that were once held in high esteem by our society, but have now been replaced by a culture of get mine and get it now. A large part of this is due to the work of the Jew through pop culture and entertainment, encouraging our people to mimic the ways of the Negro. The Negro has a complete lack of self discipline or any of these other virtues for that matter. Yet, when you observe what is being promoted to our people today as the way they should behave, it is time and time again the North American pavement ape that is held up as the role model for our society. What are the results? Simply look around and see the way in which so many of our impressionable young people walk around acting as though they too are pavement apes.

In our specifics segment this week we move on from health care to welfare. So many times the way we think and the ideas we ponder are boxed in by the old capitalist/communist frame. GPL is a big believer that we can and in fact must break free of this box, of this cage as it were of thinking. Last week, when I stated that I believe health care is a basic human right for the citizens of the nation, I think some of you fell right back into that box because "basic human right" is a common line that the Marxists use. Of course, for the Marxist everything they say is a lie. If they say it's a basic human right, what they mean is that you can have it just as long as you keep doing what you are told to by them. It is always about control. When the Left says something such as ‘health care is a basic human right’, it implies that you get it and someone else pays for it. However if you will remember on last week's show, I outlined what I believe a functioning health care system could look like and in that example the workers and the employers would be paying for it. The difference is that it would be overseen and would thus be free of corruption and price gouging. In this instance, it is a fundamental human right for the citizens because when you boil right down to it, it is our money. Which brings us to this week's segment: welfare. People are people and even in a racially homogenous society you will always have those elements of society that are lazy and will not want to work. If there is some way for them to get someone else to pay their way, then they will take it. Under a system where it is we who are in power and not the Jew who works tirelessly to undermine the health of our society, Grandpa Lampshade believes that welfare would be virtually non-existent. We will refill our coffee before breaking this down in detail, as well as the usual derailing into other subjects that is so common on Thoughts of the Day.

One of the things I have said all along and I actually see it coming to pass even now, is that the Left will not allow there to be any middle ground. When Grandpa Lampshade says things such as "All of these people will wind up being a Nazi eventually" normies shake their heads in disbelief. Some will say, "Yeah well Grandpa I'm on board with what you say about these Moslems and Blacks, but this other stuff? Ha! Come on now..." but the fact of the matter is that you will wind up having no choice but to side with us. Just as I predicted back when Twitter was banning Nazis left, right and center, now they are moving onto banning anyone who openly says things that run counter to the Leftist agenda. This won't be confined to social media either, you will see this pattern repeat itself in every aspect of our society and in fact, if you look closely and pay attention you can observe it happening right now. Like it or not eventually everyone will either be with the Marxists or they will be with us, because there will be no middle ground left and there will be no so called moderates. If you remember back in WWI the area between the opposing trenches was called no man's land and it was a lifeless barren muddy hell of a landscape. This is what the political landscape will look like and in fact, is shaping up to be right now. Politically you will have to be either be in one trench or the other, because in between them lies nothing but a barren wasteland.

Grandpa Lampshade encourages you to take some time to read what our enemies write. This can be difficult because so much of it is just sickening, but it is important as if you read what they write you can get a look inside their fragile mind set. Our opponents can at times seem formidable, but if you look inside their tiny minds you will find that actualy they are very fragile and very fearful people. GPL will share with you some of the insights he has gained from observing one example.

I warned you last week about how this year will be tumultuous and this week we will discuss an example of why, as I pointed out last week, it is imperative that you mentally prepare yourself now for our enemies coming after you. By now you have all probably heard about the case of the Jews coming after @JewGoldstein. Folks this is what we are facing and if you doubt for a moment that what we are doing is effective then just look at this case. However we can also use this to our advantage, as we see these Jews taking off their ‘greatest ever ally’ mask to reveal themselves as the subversive rats that they are. This can also work to wake more people up and continue to grow our ranks. This is political warfare, so when you observe enemy action you need to figure out what the enemy is hoping to accomplish and in turn, what your action should be. This incident is the enemy seeking to intimidate us by sending a message that they have the power to use agencies such as the FBI to not only out us, but to have us face prison time. Instead of running from this we need to be sure that everyone is aware of the fact that the Jew has now outed himself, that he does indeed control our government and the first amendment can be thrown out the window on a whim, after a Jew's story has been presented with no proof at all to the FBI, who instead of investigating real crimes and threats to our nation are instead being used as a weapon in the hands of a single Jew, who wants to attack and punish someone on Twitter.

All of this ties together with our final thoughts for this week. Whether it is through their attempts at name calling all the way up to using the FBI or CIA to come after you and put you in prison, the enemy is wanting to intimidate you. They can't put all of us in jail. What they want to do is send a message and frighten us into a state of inaction. You see, it doesn't matter how awake you are to the JQ if you aren't ever going to say anything because you are too intimidated to take any action then they couldn't care less. If you are frozen in a state of inaction then you might as well take the blue pill and live life as an oblivious normie, as just another head of livestock doing what they are told and not making any waves. The enemy wants you to be frightened and the enemy wants you to stay silent. If you aren't going to do anything and if you aren't going to say anything then what you know is irrelevant.

We will not be silent here. We will continue to speak these truths and we will continue to reveal the reality of our situation. We will continue to call it like it is and we will continue to name names. We will share our thoughts, we will plan our strategy and we will soldier on. Our coffee is now empty, but you can rest assured that next week we will have a refill and we will get together once again to discuss our thoughts, right here on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Courage and Self Discipline – GL 032117


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