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Thoughts of the Day: Dealing With the Black-Pill Blues – GL 032817


What a jam packed edition of the show we have for you this week.  Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day is coming at you in size XL with a huge dose of thoughts and commentary. We will be covering a larger than normal number of topics including a Christian segment at the end of the show, for those of you who enjoy those. Don't worry if that isn't your cup of tea, even if you don't stay around for the Christian segment, you will still be getting over an hour of frogcast time in, as this show is crammed full of information. Before we even get started, Listener Topics is open! If you have been holding on to your topic ideas to come on the show and discuss them with GPL then now is the time to send them in! Remember, the email to send them to is [email protected] I will remind everyone again that this email address is only for those topics that you yourself want to come on the show and discuss with Grandpa Lampshade. Please continue to send regular listener questions/comments to me the same way you always have. The best email for that is [email protected] or through any of the number of comments sections available. Topics will be open until Sunday evening. On Monday I will pick one and contact you. If I am unable to get in touch with you by Wednesday, then I will move on and pick someone else. All you need is Skype and some free time and we will sit down and discuss your topic. Our maiden voyage of this segment was very well received and we had a fun time doing it, so don't be shy and send those topics in.

Our first subject discussed this week is how to deal with those times when you feel black pilled. Everyone feels black pilled once in awhile, even Grandpa Lampshade. I thought it would be helpful to perhaps share some of the things that I like to keep in mind when those black pill blues come around. There are only so many things you can do and often times we get to feeling like everything is on us to move this thing forward, when the fact of the matter is that each and every one of us is just a small part of this movement. Most of the time if you are feeling frustrated, just take a moment to reflect on the situation and you will find that it is usually something you have no control over, namely other people. Do the things you can do and let go of the things that you cannot. There is no point in expending mental and spiritual energy on things that you cannot change or that you have no control over.

Next up we discuss the latest terror attacks and how our enemies are now in a position where they can no longer deflect attention from the culprits involved, try as they might, the fact is that it is Moslems carrying out these terror attacks on us. So what are they doing now? Well now they are pretending that since these people were born in say Britain, that they are British and the fact that they are Moslems is somehow irrelevant. However the downside of this is that it highlights the truth of what we are pointing out, which is that where these people are born is completely irrelevant because this is a race war. From our enemies' perspective, they have to somehow divert attention away from the fact that they are bringing all of these people into the country, but again this just highlights how silly the idea is that if these people change geographic location they somehow magically become just like the White people that live there.

World War III with Russia is covered next. It seems that our enemies are bound and determined to have this. We had Hillary Clinton who ran the entirety of the foreign policy part of her campaign on making war with Putin. Even though she lost, the propaganda to prepare the citizens for war with Russia has not let up one bit. Why? Why are we being told that this has to happen? Why and how is it in anyone's interest to have a global war that endangers everyone on the planet? Who could be for this madness? Well let me tell you why and who: it's the Jews. This isn't just a crazy Nazi shaking his fist and blaming all the bad things on the poor innocent kikes, Grandpa Lampshade will lay it out for you in plain, simple and easy to understand terms why it is indeed the Jews who are pushing this. However be warned, if you are in America by the time we are done discussing this, GPL will give you a truth that will be very painful for you to hear but it is the truth and I will give it to you.

Moving into listener questions/comments, first up is from Alt Right Andy who wants to know Grandpa Lampshade's thoughts on the research of Dr. Andrew Joyce. Specifically the fact that Jews have long held positions of wealth and authority over us. Even if you go back to the days of kings, often you would find time and again the Jews right there acting as tax collectors and such like, holding authority over our ancestors. Yet these same Jews today try to portray themselves as innocent victims being oppressed by the evil Goyim. We will discuss this as well as a lesson I think that we can learn a lesson from this. That's right, Grandpa Lampshade thinks that there is a lesson that we can learn from these kikes as to being successful. Do I think that the White race could start taking up Jew behavior or even that we should? Of course not, but there is a lesson to be learned in how a tiny minority is able to attain positions of power and authority and here's a hint: it is not because they are somehow chosen by God or they are smarter than us.

Our next listener question/comment comes from P.K. Frog who would like to know what GPL thinks about White migration and specifically the idea of moving to the Pacific Northwest. P.K. is from Texas just like Grandpa and like him, knows that Texas is a hard place to give up. So what does Grandpa Lampshade think about the idea of moving to the cold damp northwest? This topic actually comes up quite a bit and I have always supported it. I would recommend that if you have the financial ability but are not currently ready to relocate that you should look into purchasing property and developing it. Even if you aren't ready to move this can serve as a vacation spot and if it never comes about that you feel the need or desire to relocate you can always sell the real estate later. None of us have a crystal ball but having as many options possible is always a good idea.

Next up is one from Dan (also one of our sponsors this week) who wants to know how we can go about undoing the Jew programming among our people when it comes to finance. Here in America, we are stuck in a trap of endless debt. Dan has managed to break this cycle and would like GPL to share some of his thoughts as to how we can break free from these chains. The fact that everything in our country runs on debt is one of the ways in which the Jews keep control over us and recognizing this is the fist step to getting free. However, often when we realize the trap we are in it's already too late. But is it really? GPL shares some thoughts as to how this sword that the Jew holds over our necks is actually a double edged sword that we can also yield against them.

Our final listener question/comment comes from @GoyNelson who shares his observations on how Christians seem to be "all in" one way or the other when it comes to the Jew. Blue pilled Christians are complete shills for the kikes who get played like a fiddle by Shlomo, while red pilled Christians are one of the biggest threats to the Jews' plans. Grandpa Lampshade does indeed agree with this observation. The Jew has managed to infiltrate useful allies into the establishment churches to promote his own evil agenda and sadly, our people who came to these places hoping to find truth, guidance and purpose in their lives wind up simply being used by an enemy that masquerades as a friend, but who actually hates them. Even though this is observably true, the Jew plays with fire in this aspect. People like us don't necessarily harbor a personal hatred for them, we just see them as doing what they are genetically led to do. We see them as an enemy who must be opposed but it's not necessarily anything personal. However the people who are currently being used and who are being lied to, if they come to the realization that they have been played as fools the rage will indeed be personal and they will be at the forefront of not simply wanting the Jews out of our nations, they will be demanding payback. I always say that these people will be the ones, should they ever wake up to the treacherous way in which the Jews have used them, who will not necessarily agree the Holocaust is a hoax but will instead say that it is real...........and a great idea. These people will be so angry on a personal level if they come to realize how they have been used and abused by someone posing as a friend, that they will be ready to pre-order their own Jew skin lampshades.

For our final topic we are doing another Christian segment where we will discuss something that has been a stumbling block for Christians whether they are a part of our movement or not and that is this notion that Jesus was a Jew. This is something that people seem to have a really hard time with, especially it seems if you are a part of this movement. This can be such a stumbling block for so many, but do you know who it's not a stumbling block for? Grandpa Lampshade, that's who and I am going to explain to you why. This is something that I find quite obvious when you look at it in the context of the other truths that we hold to in this movement. If this is something that you have had to deal with from others as perhaps also a stumbling block to your own faith as you try to carry out your duties to your people in this movement, then this is the segment for you.

It's an extended length frogcast this week but I believe it's well worth investing the time in listening. We have so much to talk about some weeks that it's just hard to fit it all in within the normal time frame. Don't forget that if you want the opportunity to perhaps come on the show and discuss a topic with Grandpa Lampshade, now is the time to do that. That email address once again is [email protected] send 'em in and somebody will be joining me for a future show. It's all happening right here on Radio Aryan and on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Dealing With the Black-Pill Blues – GL 032817


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