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Thoughts of the Day: The Human Desire for Instant Gratification – GL 031417

GL 2

Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day returns once more. What would Tuesday be without a frogcast and it's GPL's pleasure to be joining you once again no matter where you may be. So far feedback from the debut of the new Listener Topics segment has been overwhelmingly positive. GPL again extends his appreciation to Nordic Stormer and the Portland guys for coming on the show, I really enjoyed the visit and I do believe that moving forward this will quickly become one of the most talked about parts of the show. Topics will be opened up once again in a couple of weeks so be sure to look out for that and think of a topic that you would like to come on and discuss with Grandpa Lampshade.

Our show this week is full of the things I've been thinking about. We have no shortage of subjects to keep us occupied in this department so as a result, we are never short of show material. We're going to do something we haven't done in awhile on this week's show, we will be having a Christian segment. As has always been the format in the past, this segment will be at the end of the show so that those of you for whom this is not your cup of tea can skip it if you so choose, without feeling like you have missed out on anything else in the show. Of course, you are also welcome to listen in. Who knows, you may even find it enlightening.

Our first main topic today has to do with the way in which our enemies use basic human nature to control us. Specifically, we are talking about the human desire for instant gratification. Every single person suffers from the desire to attain things now, rather than later and though once people were taught that it was virtuous to put things off or to perhaps even do without in order to build a better society and a better life for those who come after us, this is no longer the case. Now we are continually encouraged not to worry about tomorrow, just have fun and live it up for today. The problem is that now that bill is due to be paid. It is no longer possible to ignore the problems that were put off by previous generations with the thought that we'll be dead before these issues have to be dealt with, the time for putting it off is over. Now these schemes of the enemy are coming to fruition and we have to stand up and do something about it, or we will be looking at a situation where we are either completely wiped out or reduced to the position of being a tiny slave race.

Our specifics segment is back this week as we look at and discuss the topic of health care. Now, for long time listeners of the show, much of this segment might seem to be a bit of a rerun as we have discussed this topic before in the past, but this will be the first time we really bear down on it via the specifics segment. For those of you in Europe who have a somewhat functioning health care system this may be sort of a foreign topic for you, but the fact of the matter is that here in America our health care system is a complete mess. It will be impossible to do more than come out with band aid measures unless we completely turn the system upside down by our movement coming to power. One of the things that is so exciting about being a part of this movement is the fact that we are free from the false liberal vs conservative debate structure that has been created for us. We have the freedom to come up with brand new ideas that are radically different from the ones currently in place. Grandpa Lampshade will be breaking this down and discussing not only where we are now, but also delving into what a functioning healthcare system could look like under a radical new National Socialist principled system.

In our next segment, we discuss the legislation that is currently being debated as a counter measure to the latest Marxist push towards letting trannys use women's bathrooms. While Grandpa Lampshade applauds the efforts of those who are trying to do something to halt these endless demands from the Left to force us into submission to their latest form of degeneracy, when you look at them as a part of the big picture it becomes readily apparent that they also are nothing more than band aid measures and sadly, often times they are just theatrics designed to make the people think that those who are proposing them are actually trying to stop it, when in reality they are not. Marxism, like a cancer must be rooted out of the country. If you had terminal cancer, simply treating a cough or putting ointment on the sore you have isn't going to cure the cancer. You have to get to the root cause, you have to get to the cancer itself and eradicate it from your body otherwise it will kill you at some point in the future.

For our final segment we move into a Christian topic. Often times, we as Christians in this movement have to hear criticism framed as "the Church this..." or "the Church that...". It's not that Grandpa Lampshade doesn't understand where this criticism comes from, or that I am implying in any way that this criticism isn't warranted. What GPL wants is a definition of what the Church is. You cannot hang the faggot SJW Pope around the necks of Christian people who are fighting in the trenches for this cause, as though they are somehow stupid dupes because they won't renounce their beliefs. Christian organizations like any other are run by men and thus, are susceptible to corruption. As Christian believers it is our duty to stand up and not remain silent when we see our institutions being corrupted with false doctrines, when we see our faith being tarred because some Marxist says we must embrace the Jew as some sort of brother in Christ when the opposite is the truth. We spoke in our first segment about resisting the temptation for instant gratification and one thing that can really steel you against that is the belief that there is more to this life than just this. If you are a Christian believer and persecution comes because you are speaking the truth, whether it's a truth related to Jesus Christ or a truth related to the destruction of our people, you are going to be better prepared to weather that storm if you have a hope in there being a better life and a better place after all of this. If not, then why are you putting yourself through this? For the sake of the people? How strong will that hold out when it is those very people who are calling for your destruction? Grandpa Lampshade is not saying that non-believers can't be trusted in this fight, it is that we are all in this fight together and attempting to tar your fellow soldiers because of their beliefs, beliefs by the way that were held by our forefathers who built our societies, our forefathers who fought and died defending our people in the past is, shall we say counter productive.

This year looks to be a time of great upheaval. I encourage each and every one of you to be mentally preparing yourselves now. Steel yourselves for the trials and tribulations that are coming our way in the near future. You will be tested in your faith in this movement and you will be put to the test. Some will fall away because this is a very difficult task that lies ahead of us, but those who persevere will come out forged and even stronger in our opposition to our enemies. We will deal with these troubles as they come up, we will grab the opportunities as they arise and we will of course be discussing all of them, right here on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: The Human Desire for Instant Gratification – GL 031417


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