Grandpa Lampshade’s Breaking News: Trump Attacks Syria – GL 040817


This is the first time we've brought you a special report to keep up with breaking news. As I've always pointed out, we will keep tweaking and trying new approaches as conditions change and new opportunities arise. This report will be on the breaking news of Trump launching missile attacks at Assad who many of us consider to be one of the few people that we could probably and should probably get along with in that part of the world.

Why is this? What could possibly be going on here? I am going to break down for you what I see as being the most likely scenario of what is happening although to be honest, I don't have anymore information here than all of you. However as this situation remains very fluid and is changing almost by the minute, we wanted to bring you the GPL perspective as quickly as possible.

The normal Thoughts of the Day program will be up on Tuesday as always but for now, sit back and listen to this special breaking news commentary from Grandpa Lampshade.

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Grandpa Lampshade’s Breaking News: Trump Attacks Syria – GL 040817

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