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Radio Free Northwest: The Ghostdance Series – RFN 041717

Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest is a bit different this week as it consists of all three chapters of the Ghostdance series spliced together into one podcast, with improved sound. Harold Covington introduces it and explains why it is getting a second outing at this time, when people are feeling disillusioned by Donald Trump’s apparent reversal on his previous foreign policy.

The series consists of an analysis of why it is that we have allowed ourselves to be taken over by a hostile foreign force with barely the slightest amount of resistance to it. Instead of taking action to ensure we have an area exclusively for our race, many of us are just looking back on the glory days of the thirties and forties, fantasizing about fighting for the axis powers. Are funny memes really going to be that effective in kindling the fire required to burn down this entire corrupt system so that we can build a new one in it’s place?

Why is it that people continue to think we can fix things just by modifying the system which we have, when democracy will always lead to government by the least fit to govern and put in place by those least qualified to vote on such important matters?

This series was made with the intention of answering those questions and inspiring people to take action to secure our existence and a future for White children.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Ghostdance Series – RFN 041717

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