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Radio Free Northwest: Rule Britannia – RFN 040617


Harold Covington begins this week’s episode of Radio Free Northwest with a discussion about Brexit. Soros has failed to overturn the result and PM May has now triggered article 50, leading to threats and temper tantrums from the EU overlords. Due to the restrictive speech laws in the country immigration was not allowed to be mentioned during the campaign, but still some brave patriots such as Pat Condell did speak up and Harold plays an eloquent clip from him castigating the crooks in the establishment for their recent treatment of Brexiteers. Economics and trade had nothing to do with it, it was all about sovereignty and immigration.

Brexit is not the solution to our problems, but like with Trump in America, it is a good start to addressing the problem. What we need to do now is get populism to be based on race and ethnicity, instead of on the state and citizenship.

Gretchen reviews Morning Crafts, a novel by Tito Perdue this week, which is about a boy who is lured away from fishing and into books, by a professor who turns out to be an Odin type character. By telling him to leave his fishing alone, the author is trying to say Christianity should be left alone in favour of studying math, ancient Greek culture and classical music. The professors at the school are trying to train the boys up to become an elite that would be capable of preserving White culture and Gretchen found the book to be a very interesting but quick read.

The Trucker is in Wyoming on his way to Iowa and is full of the joys of spring, encouraging White Americans to take a scouting trip. He gives some travel advice on how to get there and warns about some of the bad traffic areas to avoid.

Harold returns to talk about Dr William Luther Pierce and his many talents, how he became a successful businessman and was able to raise huge funds for his operation. How he not only attracted wealthy men to the National Alliance but also got them to donate. When it comes down to it, there are only two ways to achieve what we need to, there is either the dollar or the gun and Pierce did a very good job with the former. He managed to never spend a single hour in a prison cell, despite being in the movement for over 30 years and he ended his life in his own home, not surrounded by Blacks in a state run nursing home.

Despite all of this, Pierce did have some faults and there are questions about specific incidents in his life that will eventually have to be settled by historians. We do not have the time to do this right now, but it will have to be done at some point in the future.

After playing a clip from the great man himself, Harold returns with a request for listeners to report in about whether or not the level of enrichment is visibly reducing in their area of the country. There does appear to be a shrinkage where Harold is, but is this the same for everywhere? Trump has finally made them afraid, but are they really leaving or are they just hiding?

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Rule Britannia – RFN 040617

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