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Radio Free Northwest: A Storm is Coming – RFN 041317


Harold Covington begins this week’s episode of Radio Free Northwest with an ‘I told you so’. We really should not be surprised at recent events in the White House, Trump has always been surrounded by Jews and it was only a matter of time before he did something rash to impress Israel.

His first hundred days have not been completely without accomplishment, he does have his man in the supreme court and he has cut back on illegal immigration, but he is not going to right all the wrongs of the previous administrations. We do however owe him for two things, preventing Hillary Clinton from getting in and for giving us hope, on the night of November 8th. The endless videos of liberal tears remain online and will give us much solace in the grim times to come.

Andy Donner also weighs in with some commentary and reminds us that Trump failed to prosecute Hillary, failed to replace Obamacare and now attacked Syria. We may get some help still with stemming the flow of immigration, but that’s about it. He also reminds us of a prophetic speech that Harold once made, about a politician coming along and promising us what we want, but then not following through with it because it is impossible to use the beast, to fight the beast.

Regardless of the Zionist sub plots, Trump is still the outsider and he will end up being betrayed by his fellow Republicans. At some point he will find his back to the wall and they will get rid of him, replacing him with something far worse, exactly as we have seen happen to Germany since the war. One way or another, a storm is coming our way.

Gretchen looks at the Berlin escape myth this week, that concerns claims that Hitler did not kill himself at the end of the war, but ran away to South America to live a life of luxury while the rest of Germany were dying in the rubble. What would be his reason for living though, if he had fled to Argentina? Could they all still be alive in another dimension somewhere, waiting to burst back into ours and usher in a new golden age? Gretchen thinks not, although it is an encouraging prospect.

The Trucker then calls in from central Oregon while driving through a rain storm and recommends taking a scouting trip to the Northwest instead of a vacation, before Harold finishes the podcast by pointing out that our time of opportunity is right here and now and requires action.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: A Storm is Coming – RFN 041317

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