Radio Free Northwest: The Swastika – RFN 042017


Harold Covington starts this week’s Radio Free Northwest by reminiscing about previous Birthday celebrations in honour of Adolf Hitler, the patron saint of those who dare to be different. There is a big difference between the calibre of the brown shirts in the thirties and the character of today’s White Nationalists. Many today have not even read Mein Kampf, due to their limited attention spans. We are not living up to the principles that the Fuhrer laid out for us and unless we do, all the suffering up until now will have been in vain. Because of this, Harold does not feel much like celebrating and observes some trends that he sees at the top of White Nationalism instead. Trends such as the one where all our most famous and successful advocates all happen to be compromised in some way, people like Steve Bannon, Milo and others who are not named, but whose character deficiencies are described.

Gretchen looks at the origin of the swastika this week in Thomas Wilson’s book ‘The swastika, the earliest known symbol, and its migrations : with observations on the migration of certain industries in prehistoric times’. This looks at the symbol mainly through its Aryan Hindu heritage, although it is found all over the world, particularly in Greek patterns. It comes in various forms and seems to be either a solar symbol or a representation of a star cluster. It does not always have to have 4 limbs, but could have 3,6,7 or more. In China royal families tried to restrict it’s use among the peasants, who were so keen on them they would even arrange insects in spider’s webs to get them to produce web swastikas. The author argues for communication between cultures causing it’s widespread use, rather than it coming from a single race. Gretchen warns not to buy the Amazon version as it contains no illustrations.

The Trucker calls in from eastern Montana on his way back for some home time. Its still snowing there but not too heavily, which is why he advises people to plan scouting trips for late spring, rather than any earlier.

Harold then returns for some light-heated holo-denial, listing the main reason why he knows the holocaust is a fraud. The character of the National Socialists would never have allowed them to do such a thing and those who were actually there at the time have verified this to him. Out of the hundreds of people that Harold has met from that generation he has never met any who did not have good memories of the Reich and no knowledge of gassings, lampshades or soap. Even one who was arrested by the Gestapo for necking outside Heinrich Himmler’s house. One Lithuanian who was there on the Eastern Front told him how they never could have afforded to move Jews around on trains, as they needed them all for supplies. The Jews had already self-deported by the time they got there and any that they did catch, were part of a partisan group. There was no organised plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe as all the resources available were needed for the war effort.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Swastika – RFN 042017

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