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SS Britannia: Red Lines in Syria – SS 041017


Sven Longshanks and Subal are back to captain the good ship SS Britannia into new unchartered territory, this week mainly heading for world war three. Donald Trump and his response towards Syria is still the main talking point for everyone, with Richard Spencer demonstrating against it and people accusing Trump of betraying them and crossing red lines. But why are brown people in Syria the red line and not White people in America? Shouldn’t we really be cutting him a bit of slack? He hasn’t started a war in Syria, all he has done is bomb an empty piece of desert after warning both Russia and Syria that he was going to be doing so.

The conspiracy theorists have been going crazy trying to prove the gas cloud was a false flag atrocity carried out by the rebels, which is absolutely pointless since the official Syrian and Russian press release admits the Syrian air force deliberately targeted a chemical weapons stash. In the same way that the neo-cons seized on this to claim Assad and Russia were responsible for the deaths of the civilians, we also need these mainstream news reports so that we can tailor them to our own purposes. This is why it is non-productive to claim it is all crisis actors and false flags when things like this happen, as all that does is neutralise the news so that it cannot be used by either us or them.

Was this event really just a chance for all the discontentment with Trump’s various small failures elsewhere to rise to the surface, or do we really care more about an empty airfield in the Middle East than we do about illegal immigration being down by 67%? Surely what we should be furious about is the White child dismembered by yet another stolen truck driven by a Moslem in Sweden, rather than American sabre-rattling in Arabia.

We have always known that Trump had a Jewish problem, he has a Jewish son-in-law and is surrounded by them, but so long as he was able to implement his policies that helped White people, is it really that much of a worry if he also helps Israel? Are we now beginning to realise that you cannot do what is right for White people if you also have Jews involved? Does Steve Bannon have the character and integrity to bite his tongue around Kushner so that he stays on the team and remains in a position to help White America? Because if it comes down to him or Jared, Trump is bound to side with his son-in-law. What we really need is a honey trap for this cuckoo-in-the-nest and we know the Jews cannot resist our beautiful Aryan women, so perhaps here is a way that the Alt-Right ladies could really come into their own?

All these questions and more discussed and answered, along with a few suggestions and a bit of good news from Sweden make up this week’s SS Britannia.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Subal

SS Britannia: Red Lines in Syria – SS 041017


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