The Daily Traditionalist: Blood and Soil, Environment and Ancestors – DT 042117

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Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus co-host the last Daily Traditionalist of the week and they begin by drawing attention to the Pikeville rally next weekend and the Left’s criticism of one of the flyers, which shows support for the coal industry and a controlled transition to green energy. The Left wish to shut the mines down now before the green energy is viable, which would mean working families would not be able to afford air conditioning or food preservation, as well as cause mass unemployment among the miners. They may care about the environment but they do not care about their own people, all the climate change agreements demand that the west send billions to the third world, instead of investing that money in developing green energy for our own countries. The TWP are fighting for a clean environment in America and this drives the Left wild, as they think they have a monopoly on environmental issues.

Moslem terrorists are in the news again, this time it was a criminal ‘Frenchman’ who decided he would try and rob a police car, only the robbery went wrong and he had to shoot and kill the police instead. Every week more of our people are killed in our own homelands by the enemy and every week the politicians say the exact same thing, we need to be more friendly to the people doing it. They want us to unite with the same barbarians who disemboweled and castrated dozens of young White music lovers at the Bataclan. France has more Moslems than any other country in Europe, but even if just 5% of the Moslems that were imported into Germany were Wahhabis, that makes 50,000 people who wish to kill all White Germans that have come into Europe just in the last year.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest sponsor of terrorism there has ever been in history, yet never gets mentioned thanks to the Jews controlling our governments. We will put sanctions on North Korea when they have never killed any of our people in our homelands, yet do nothing against the Islamic terrorists living among us and even propagandise for them, telling us that inviting more in will enrich us. Russia has had the courage to ban Jehovah’s Witnesses, so why can we not ban Moslems?

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Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: Blood and Soil, Environment and Ancestors – DT 042117

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