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The Daily Traditionalist: Following the Truth – DT 041417


Matthew Heimbach is back to co-host today’s episode of the Daily Traditionalist with Jason Augustus, to talk about why the Jews wanted to kill Jesus, how he had been preaching against their materialism and drove them from the house of the Lord with a whip. They plotted to have him killed, but the Roman authorities were unable to find him guilty of anything. Pilate’s wife even had a dream telling her that he was innocent, but in the end he was unable to prevent the Jews from having him crucified and they called for his blood to be on their heads and on their descendants.

The Romans knew the threat that the Jews posed to the republic by 150BC and by the time we got to the time of Jesus, the republic had been turned into an empire and they had an inordinate amount of power within it. Enough power to be able to lean on people like Nero and others, to try to and silence the Galileans. In the same way they infiltrated the monarchy and the establishment of Judea and were able to manipulate Pilate into giving Jesus up to death, the Jews today put pressure on our politicians to do their bidding and in many cases, form a large percentage of the government itself.

People are thrown into prison today for speaking the truth, when Christ himself was the Truth personified. Our whole legal system has been turned against us and is now used as a tool to protect the very people who killed the Truth. There is no difference between the spirit of the Jews back then and the spirit of the Jews of today. Jesus spoke against their hypocrisy in claiming to be serving God when they saw everything in terms of how much they could exploit others and our whole economy today is built upon the exploitation of our people.

Christ rejected the Jews and their materialistic philosophy and so should we.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: Following the Truth – DT 041417


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